How To Run A Recalculation Of A Patient’s Balance In Medisoft v19

AZCOMP Support Video: Recalculate a patient’s balance in Medisoft Version 19 Sometimes in Medisoft you will notice in the account total of a patient’s case or chart that it doesn’t look correct.  It may show that the patient has a credit instead of a balance.  Or when reviewing the patient’s charges, payments and adjustments that […]

Set Up your NDC information on your drugs in Medisoft

AZCOMP Support Video: Add National Drug Code (NDC) information in Medisoft If you have to manually enter in all your drug information over and over for each transaction – this video will help you.  In this video we show you how to set up your NDC (National Drug Code) information in Medisoft so that way […]

How to put a group NPI on a claim in Medisoft v19

AZCOMP Support Video: How to put a group NPI on a claim in Medisoft Version 19 This video will show you how to put a group NPI number on a claim in Medisoft whether you are sending out a claim electronically or on paper.  Some insurance companies or payors require you to put the NPI […]

Shortcut How To Open Medisoft Directly To The Practice List

AZCOMP Support Video: A shortcut to be able to open the practice list when first opening Medisoft. Usually when you open Medisoft, it will open the program in the last practice you had open.  If you only have one practice in Medisoft that you are managing, then that is no big deal.  But if you […]

How To Split A Claim In Medisoft

AZCOMP Support Video: Splitting Claims In Medisoft v19 You may need to split a claim in Medisoft for a few reasons.  One reason is that you are only allowed to have up to 50 transactions on any single electronic claim.  If you have more than 50 transactions on one claim, then you will need to […]

Set the ICD Version To Each Insurance On Claims In Medisoft

AZCOMP Support Video: Learn how to set the ICD version to each insurance for claims in Medisoft In this video we will show you how to set ICD code set to each insurance.  It can be very time consuming to set each insurance one at a time if you have dozens or even hundreds of […]

How To Set Cycle Billing For Printing Statements In Medisoft

AZCOMP Support Video: In Medisoft you can set cycle billing for printing your statements The cycle billing feature lets you print patient statements every certain amount of days. This feature allows you to set a cycle for your statements in an easy and efficient way. This feature is only available for Medisoft Advanced and Medisoft […]