5 Misconceptions About Staying on Outdated Software to Manage Your Practice

Medical practices love to use the reason as to why they don’t upgrade of “if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it.”

A good strategy for being in business a long time is to keep your costs lower than your revenue which is why I think some practices love to use the excuse of “if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it.” And for those that don’t care about improvement, or don’t care about progress, or who are okay with dealing with all the problems associated with older software, then maybe this is an okay philosophy. However, this narrow-minded approach might not be what’s best for your practice.

Let’s take a look at all the potential downsides of managing your practice on an older version of your practice management software.

#1. Features that seem insignificant can be seriously helpful for your users

Planning an upgrade is a conversation a lot of businesses do not like to have. Mainly because it is really hard to justify purchasing an already pricey piece of software. To make things even harder, sometimes the newest upgrade might not have a lot of life-changing features – you’ll see some small bug fixes and minor improvements, most of time. However, your users are the ones who are utilizing the software every day and not upgrading could be causing small issues for them every day that they don’t have a solution for. Even a small issue can be built up to become much bigger issues, creating a huge problem and making their jobs harder.

#2. Unsupported software means unsecured data

On January 14, 2020, Windows will end support for Windows 7. Updates will stop, and the operating system will enter lame-duck status. You’ll still be able to use Windows 7, but once Microsoft ends support, security patches will cease. Without these essential patches, you are susceptible to hackers and your data becomes extremely vulnerable. The same is true for hardware. New devices and components are released all the time, and they are all designed to work with the operating systems of today and tomorrow. Using Windows 7 with such hardware limits its capabilities. Eventually, it will become difficult to find hardware that’s compatible with Windows 7 at all. Read more about the Final Days of Windows 7 and see if you are prepared for the switch.

#3. Your operating system or other software might not be compatible with older versions of your software.

Software is tricky. Even the people who design it will tell you that. With so many users using the software for multiple different reasons, things are bound to come up that even the engineers behind the software didn’t think of when they created it. Some of these bugs and quirks have to do with how compatible the software is with other softwares – even including operating systems. It’s not always as black and white as you think. Like, using an old software on a new computer, or new software on an older computer. Sometimes it’s the smaller issues that can add up to big ones down the road. We call them ‘time-wasters’ and they can add up to extra expenses and lost income. Users may think it’s just not ‘working the way it should be’ and they’re right. It could be lagging, or even just flat out refuse to work – unless you create a work-around. We’ve even had customers tell us that restarting their computer fixes software issues. This might not be completely crippling for users, but it could be frustrating.

#4. No more access to technical support

It’s become the norm that when something wonky happens with your software, you can call tech support. We hear from our own customers that it’s nice to know they have support, even if they don’t need it – because when they don’t have it, that will be the day they need it, right? Software is only supported up to a certain version. As the newer, most current versions come out each year, and the further you get away from the newest version, the more likely you are to have a version that is not supported any longer. If your users do not have access to be able to call someone to solve their problems, the further they’ll be from finding a possible solution. Looking for Medisoft or Lytec support for your software? AZCOMP is famous for our phenomenal support. Check it out!

#5. Using an older version of software may be costing you more than the actual ‘upgrade’

We’ve talked about work-arounds in this article a few times. If your users are creating work-arounds in their daily tasks, it’s probably taking them upwards of five hours per week on issues they’re having. Trying to fix their software, instead of doing their work, adds up to a lot more in payroll then it does the price of upgrading your software. Ask us about how we can get you the plan you need to fit your budget – at a predictable and low monthly cost – because we’re committed to making sure you get the best deal (and not at the price of wasting time!).

AZCOMP Technologies – the #1 eMDs reseller since 2005.

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For more Medisoft information, visit our website here:

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A Better User Experience for Secondary Claims

More often than not, after your patient has been seen, they will provide you with two types of insurance: primary and secondary.

Most practices are billing secondary insurance as a courtesy for the patient.

So if a patient comes into your office with multiple forms of insurance, this can be cringe worthy for billers who know the process behind getting these claims to the clearinghouse. In previous verisons on Medisoft, secondary claims were difficult and many practices had to maneuver through multiple screens and two separate claims management systems to process these claims. After many clicks, and flip flopping, the biller could then find the critical information they were looking for.

This long awaited change has been made in the new version of Medisoft v23, where you will now have everything you need within Revenue Management so you can effectively manage secondary claims. Information is made easier to monitor and find, which can save you time and you can get paid faster.

Let’s break it down into some ways this is helpful:

Implement Time Savers

Saving time is so valuable to a billers schedule, because reducing just one click could mean reducing thousands within your week. Imagine how this could change your workflow to become more efficient?

Easily Identify Important Info

With this feature, you can easily identify secondary payer claims, whether they are electronic or paper, and displaying your claim type right on the grid. You no longer have to click through different systems to find the data you need.

More Productive Workflow

If you are constantly having to manually intervene on claims, you are probably not productive in your workflow. Usability with this new feature will help cut down on your manual work and secondary claims won’t carry as much of a bad reputation as before.

We’ve put together a short video to help you see how this new version of Medisoft v23 allows you to have all the information needed directly from within Medisoft and your remittance screen, enabling you to quickly and easily send those claims out.

Watch this video!

Upgrade to Medisoft v23!

Hopefully now, we have you on board with this time saving feature. If you’re thinking this could help your practice, there are many more useful features in the new Medisoft v23. Check out this webpage to upgrade today! Be sure to give us a call to learn more and get a custom quote for your v23 upgrade.

AZCOMP Technologies – the Number 1 eMDs reseller for Medisoft since 2005.

We are the ultimate source for all things Medisoft. Whatever your question or problem or need with Medisoft, we can help you. AZCOMP can help with sales, training, coaching, installation, support, EHR, add-on tools such as the Medisoft preferred clearinghouse, or patient statements, patient payments, appointment reminders and more.

For more information, visit our website here:

Medisoft v23 sale

Medisoft Lighting Sale

Medisoft V23 Is Now On Sale!

Effective immediately, the Medisoft V23 pre-release Lighting Sale is ongoing, but for a limited time only. When you purchase Medisoft new or as an upgrade, you can get the new version for up to 40% off depending on which version you are on currently.

Medisoft v23 lighting sale

Details of The Lightning Sale

When you purchase Medisoft 23 prior to November 2, 2018, you can receive the medical billing program for up to 40% off. Here is how the sale breaks down:

  • If you are currently on Version 22, you will receive 20% off during the sale. Your 1-version upgrade price is always the most affordable compared to any other upgrade price, and you can now get an additional 20% off! Call our office to talk to an account representative about specific pricing for your model (Basic, Advanced or Network Professional).
  • If you are currently on Version 21, you will receive 30% off during the sale. Your 2-version upgrade price is more expensive than the 1-version upgrade, but you’ll get a little better discount during the sale – 30% off!
  • If you are currently on Version 20 or older, you will receive 40% off during the sale! Your 3-version upgrade price is the most expensive upgrade, but you’re getting the biggest percentage off during the sale – 40% off!
  • If you are new to Medisoft, you will also receive a 40% discount during the sale! The price for the software new is more expensive than any upgrade price, but you’re also getting a 40% price cut during the sale!

Medisoft – Powerful, Trusted, Affordable Practice Management

What Is Included With Medisoft V23?

If you would like to know what new features are available in this new release, click on over to our website where we have all the details laid out for you.

This latest release of Medisoft is more powerful than ever before. Medisoft 23 will help your practice become more efficient and productive allowing your practice to collect more and with less effort.

Here are some of the features you can look forward to in this version

  • Insurance card scanning offers new level of convenience
  • Never receive a timely filing denial again!
  • Transaction notes improvements – 3 note fields instead of just 1, and auto-assign statement notes
  • Reduce duplicated patient records with new checking feature
  • Flag problem areas with new color coding functionality in AR Tracker (AR Tracker is a new feature released in version 22)
  • Revenue Manager remittance auto-posting now shows secondary status
  • More flexibility posting patient payments, no matter the method
  • Gain better insights into your data with reporting best practices at your fingertips

Plus, if you’re on an older version, don’t forget about all the new features that were released in v22 and other previous versions!

Get all the details here: Medisoft Version 23 Page

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Medisoft V21 General Release

Medisoft V21 has officially been released by eMDs. Customers can now purchase and install by calling our office at (888) 799-4777!

Medisoft V21 – Practice Management Software for Your Practice

For the past two decades, Medisoft has been the best software available for independent practices to manage their practice. Medisoft will help you to efficiently and effectively manage your schedule, manage your claims, and manage the complete revenue cycle with your patients.

You’re Going to Love These New Features Within Medisoft

Online Appointment Scheduling

Medisoft V21

This tool is for practices that want to reduce time the staff spends on scheduling appointments by phone. It will also help increase patient convenience and satisfaction. Patients can schedule and request appointments from a website, and enter basic demographic information which will speed up the intake process when a patient checks in at the office.

Advanced ICD-10 Search Tool

Medisoft V21

This tool will help billers find the most specific code available, and quickly! The natural language query included will allow Medisoft users to search by code or description and then set filters to narrow the code. The visual search function allows users to also click on anatomical diagrams.

Aged Transaction Cleanup Utility

This new feature is for Practices that are concerned that their database has aged transactions in them that are not collectible. Old balances can be cleaned out quickly. Have more confidence in sending patient statements knowing that aged balances have been removed. Reduce the amount of time spent muddling through irrelevant data and get more insight into the state of the practice. This tool allows you to get a fresh start and move forward with a newer and cleaner Database.

Integrated Appointment Reminder System

Medisoft is more tightly integrated with the AutoRemind service, and drastically reduces no-shows. AutoRemind is proven to cost less and be more effective than making phone calls during business hours. With this service you can send automated appointment reminders to patients via secure emails, text messages or even via automated phone calls at a time that is convenient to your patients. Patients can confirm their appointments and you will see the appointment status update in the system. Get more out of your program and help keep patients from missing their appointments with AutoRemind!

*FREE 30 day trial! Additional Fees May Apply.

Get Medisoft V21 With a Medisoft Subscription

Medisoft Monthly


Medisoft users have been thrilled that they can now pay a low monthly price for Medisoft. With Medisoft Monthly™, you will always be on the most current version, you’ll get professional installation, unlimited technical support, training and many more valuable tools and services to help you get the most out of Medisoft.

With these items bundled together, we’re able to offer you the lowest price available anywhere!

Go to our website here to learn more about Medisoft and how we can help your practice be empowered to deliver the best care for your patients. Or, give us a call at (888) 799-4777 to find out more about pricing.


What Is Medisoft Monthly™?

Medisoft Monthly

Thanks for the Idea!

We’d like to take credit for Medisoft Monthly, but the truth is it was the idea of our awesome customers

We kept hearing the same complaints suggestions from our customers and we decided we needed to change some things. So we did! We came up with the idea of Medisoft Monthly based off of all the suggestions we’ve heard over the years and we couldn’t be happier with how much our customers are LOVING IT!

By far our happiest customers are those that are on Medisoft Monthly™.

What is Medisoft Monthly?What is Medisoft Monthly?

Medisoft Monthly is so simple and switching couldn’t be any easier. Give us a call at (888) 799-4777 or visit our Medisoft Monthly™ website to learn more.

What Some of our Customers Are Saying

“AZCOMP Technologies, Inc. is by far the most expert and expedient technological medical support company that I have ever worked with! They are responsive, patient and quite generous and encouraging with their time and emotional assistance. The technicians are especially sensitive to the fact that they are often working with older Providers of Service as opposed to young technologically astute Office Managers and they always make sure that you are both comfortable and confident in the approach they use to teach us all the new tools and techniques that are available in the software programs! I am so impressed with their entire staff!”

– Lila Evans

“My doctor has been with AZCOMP for years and they have proven to be very helpful. The staff is very friendly and helpful and they always take care of my issues.”

– Roe Lacasse

Learn More About Medisoft Monthly™

Making the switch to Medisoft Monthly couldn’t be easier. Give us a call at (888) 799-4777 to speak with a product specialist and get all the details. Or, you can visit our Medisoft Monthly™ website for more information.

Medisoft Monthly - Finally!

Video Transcript:

We can’t tell you how many customers buy Medisoft and think the installation and training should be included because everyone needs both of those, right? We’ve also heard countless times that having to upgrade every single year is a pain and it’d be nice to just always get the new features as they’re released.

We came up with Medisoft monthly. What is Medisoft monthly you ask. It’s a low-cost monthly plan for Medisoft users.

It, of course, includes Medisoft; you’re going to get the current version and all future versions, plus we’re going to do the installs for you. They’re going to be done quick and they’re going to be done right. You also get support, so you can call in anytime and get help fast instead of tinkering around and wasting time trying to figure it out. Training, you’ll have access to tons of training videos. There is, of course, basic training for newbies to get started, but there’s even more advanced training for those who are already comfortable with the software and want to be super-efficient. We’re also including secure backup because, yes, everyone should be backing up and doing it properly.

There are even more extra perks. Medisoft monthly is pretty awesome.

I know what you’re thinking, that’s going to be way too expensive, but customers on Medisoft monthly actually end up paying less. Instead of large sporadic lump sums, they have a consistent small amount, and because we can bundle stuff the cost is so much lower. Medisoft monthly customers are by far the happiest customers we have, so go ahead and make the switch to Medisoft monthly. You won’t regret it.

Don’t Buy Medisoft Upgrades Ever Again!

Yes, you heard us right, you don’t ever have to buy a Medisoft upgrade again!

Don’t buy Medisoft when you could get so much more with a Medisoft Monthly™ subscription!

After selling Medisoft to over 10,000 different businesses over the past few decades, we have learned that Medisoft users are much happier and productive with the software when they have all of the latest features, and are utilizing a combination of valuable products and services. In order to get all of these products and services at the best possible price, we’ve packaged it all together in a low monthly subscription called Medisoft Monthly™.

What is Medisoft Monthly™?

Medisoft Monthly™ is a product offered exclusively by AZCOMP Technologies that was designed to eliminate surprises and give you a total peace of mind solution. It is a low cost monthly plan that includes a subscription to Medisoft along with several other critical products and services to give you the best experience and to help you get the most out of Medisoft.

Why Do I Want Medisoft Monthly™?

medisoft monthly hands down

“AZCOMP Technologies, Inc. is by far the most expert and expedient technological medical support company that I have ever worked with! They are responsive, patient and quite generous and encouraging with their time and emotional assistance. The technicians are especially sensitive to the fact that they are often working with older Providers of Service as opposed to you technologically astute Office Managers and they always make sure that you are both comfortable and confident in the approach they use to teach us all the new tools and techniques that are available in the software programs! I am so impressed with their entire staff!” – Lila Evans (a Medisoft Monthly™ subscriber)

Predictable & Low Monthly Cost

You don’t have to pay a large sum, or sporadic support charges. Instead you’ll spread out cost to a consistent low monthly fee. Your budget will love it!

Empowered Employees

Employees have the freedom of calling in as soon as they need help! Instead of wasting time trying to figure it out themselves, or letting a small problem fester until it disrupts cash flow because they don’t want to have to ask permission – employees get issues resolved quickly with instant access to our phenomenal support team. That means less stress, less wasted time, less disruption to your business, and you save money!

Well Trained Software Users

You’re going to have access to hundreds of professional training videos, training webinars, and even a some one-on-one training*. So not only will new employees be effectively trained, but existing employees will become masters of Medisoft. You won’t be one of those practices “getting by” just barely knowing the basics of the software.

*One-on-One Training is Included in Advanced and Network Pro Packages Only

No “Nickel & Diming”

Now you can call in and not have to worry about getting charged for this or that! It’s simple, you pay each month and now have unlimited support, installations are covered, you have access to a variety of training and many other products and services (all without having to fork over extra cash!).

Bundle & Save

When you buy from us you’re now our partner. You’ve committed to us and we’re committed to ensuring that you have a phenomenal experience with your product at the best value. Customers on our monthly subscription are happiest & always end up paying less.

You Will Always Be On the Most Current Version of Medisoft

When you subscribe to Medisoft Monthly™, you own Medisoft but you’ll never have to buy it again! You will always be on the most current version and you’ll have the leading Medisoft VAR at your service for all of your needs.

Pricing depends on which model (Basic / Advanced / Network Professional) of Medisoft you subscribe to and the number of user licenses you need. Call today to learn more details and to start your subscription!

Medisoft Monthly - Finally!


Setting up Medisoft 19 for the New Diagnosis Codes

Prior to Installation of Medisoft 19 for upgraders

Prior to installing Medisoft 19, print the Diagnosis Code grid as a reference for your existing diagnosis codes.

If your setup was non-standard, you may need to re-enter some codes after conversion.

During Conversion to Medisoft 19

When Medisoft 19 is installed, the following will take place automatically:

If the ICD-9 field (formerly the Code 2 field) was empty, all values in the old Code 1 field will be copied to the ICD-9 field. If the ICD-9 field was populated, no change will be made.

If the value in the old Code 1 field is copied, the description of the field will be copied into the Description field for the new ICD-9 field.

The ICD-10 field (formerly the Code 3 field) will be cleared. Any codes or other values that had been in this field must be re-entered after conversion to Medisoft 19. You can no longer use the old Code 3 field (now ICD-10 field) for ICD-9 codes. If your claims use this field, you must change them to use the ICD-9 field.

After Installation of Medisoft 19

Once the installation of Medisoft 19 is complete and your practice data has been converted, you can use the ICD-10 Code Mapping Utility to create ICD-10 equivalents for existing ICD-9 codes. For more information, see “Create ICD-10 Code Mapping Utility” on page 14. Where there is no direct correlation of an ICD-10 code to an ICD-9 code, you can make a choice based on your practice needs.

In addition, there is a new utility that quickly allows you to specify which code set (ICD-9 or ICD-10) your insurance carriers will be using. For more information on using this utility see the following blog posting:

If you have created custom labels for the old Code 1, 2, or 3 fields, you will need to recreate them.

After Installation–Electronic Claims for Upgraders

With Medisoft 19, you can no longer use Code 1 on the Diagnosis Entry screen for electronic claims, since this value is not specific to a version of the ICD code set. Instead, you must use the new Set ICD Version utility to set all of your carriers to use ICD-9. For more information on this screen, see the following blog posting:

After Installation–Paper Claims for Upgraders

If you had a customized insurance claim and it is possible that you set the claim to look at Code 1 or Code 3 (on the Diagnosis Entry screen) for box 21, you must change it to use the Code 2 field (now the ICD-9 field) when using the current CMS-1500 form.

Note: the table name in the report designer shows ICD-9.

The new claim delivered with v19 is already set to use the ICD-9 or ICD-10 fields.

New Medisoft v19 Feature-Setting ICD Version Utility

Setting the ICD Version Utility in Medisoft

There is a new utility that you can use to specify which diagnosis code set each insurance carrier will use.

New Menu Option

On the Tools menu under Services, there is a new option called Set ICD Version. Click this to open the Set ICD Version utility.


You can also open this screen by pressing the S key from this menu.

New Utility

The Set ICD Version utility will show all existing insurance carriers and the current default diagnosis code set for each one. Select which carriers you want to change to ICD-10.

When you are ready, click the Update Selected button to update your settings. You can run this utility as many times as you want.


Field/Button/Check BoxDescription
Code SetSelect this check box if you want to make changes for the Code Set for the selected carriers
Update the default code set for claims toSelect which code set you want to use to update the selected carriers.
ICD 10 Effective DateUse the Icd-9 code set for claims with a date of service prior to: Select this check box if you want to make changes to the ICD-10 Effective Date for the selected carriers.Enter the effective date you want to use for the selected carriers. This date marks the day on which this carrier will stop using ICD-9 codes on claims.When the code set is ICD-10, claims with a date of service prior to this date will continue to use ICD-9 codes.These fields will be disabled if the value in the Update the default code set for claims to field is set to ICD-9. If there was a date in the field, it will be cleared and the field will be disabled.
CodeThis field shows the Insurance Carrier Code.
NameThis field shows the Insurance Carrier Name.
TypeThis field shows the type for the insurance carrier.
Code SetThis field shows the current default Diagnosis Code Set for the carrier.
ICD 10 Effective Date This field shows the date that ICD-10 codes will be used for the carrier.This field will be cleared and disabled if you change the code set for the carrier to ICD-9.
Select/De-select AllUse this button to select or clear the check boxes for all carriers, those next to the Code field in the grid.
Update SelectedUse this to run the utility after you have made your selections. Depending on your selections, all carriers with the check box selected next to their Code name will have their Code Set and/or Effective dates updated to your selections
CloseUse this to close the screen without making any changes.

You cannot change the code set for an insurance carrier whose record is open for edit in the Insurance Carriers screen. You must close the record first.

Medisoft v19 requirements

Medisoft 19 System Requirements:

NOTE: Medisoft® 19 uses Advantage 11.10. If you are upgrading, you MUST install Advantage 11.10. Once you have installed Advantage 11.10, you will not be able to access an Advantage Server that is prior to Advantage 11. You will be able to access your database as long as your database server is at least Advantage 11.

Quick View: Medisoft 19 Supported Operating Systems

NOTE: Medisoft 19 is a 32-Bit application, and on a supported 64-Bit platform, the application will run in a 32-Bit mode.

v19 sys requireMedisoft will not support Windows RT on the ARM processor

Medisoft Hardware Requirements

Workstation – Required


CPU (Processor)Intel Pentium 4 1.0GHz
RAM (Memory)1GB
Storage Space500MB (1.75GB for Net Pro)
Optical DriveN/A
Network Card (NIC)N/A
Display Monitor1024×768 (1280×800 for widescreen displays)

Workstation – Recommended

CPU (Processor)Intel Core 2 Duo 1.6GHz
RAM (Memory)2GB
Storage Space1GB (1.75 for Net Pro)
Optical DriveDVD-ROM
Network Card (NIC)1Gbps

Server (Required)-Network Professional

CPU (Processor)Intel Pentium 4 2.6GHz
RAM (Memory)2GB
Storage Space2GB
Optical DriveDVD-ROM
Network Card (NIC)1Gbps
Display Monitor1024×768 (1280×800 for widescreen displays)

IMPORTANT: You also must have an Internet connection to use Network Professional.


Medisoft v19 is Generally Available!

ICD-10 Ready Medisoft Version 19 Is Here!

We are happy to announce that as of Friday, November 15, Medisoft v19 became generally available. This exciting release is ICD-10 ready, and its many features include those designed to help reduce both manual entry and minimize the complexity of ICD-9 to ICD-10 mapping.

•Support for ICD-10 updated Diagnosis Codes
•New CMS-1500 02/12 Claim Form
•Revised selections for the Race and Ethnicity fields now accommodate Meaningful Use Stage 2
•Dual Diagnosis list
•Customized carrier settings
•Mapping tool

Medisoft v19 also includes the latest release of the McKesson Practice Interface Center™ (MPIC), v2.0, and enhancements to the Revenue Management system feature.

Medisoft 19 Release Notes

Revenue Management Release Notes

McKesson Practice Interface Center 2.0 Release Notes