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As the Coronavirus outbreak continues to expand and news continues to develop, many organizations are considering plans should employees be unable to travel to work.

We at AZCOMP stand by ready and willing to assist. We are mobilizing to serve our customers and fellow businesses. There are various tools available that make working remotely secure and relatively easy to setup. AZCOMP can consult with you on what might work best for your business, to be successful and work off-site.

Our purpose is to empower our customers and we take this very seriously. We will have technical resources on standby should you have questions. We are ready to help and assist any way we can in these times of uncertainty.

If you need anything, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do to help.

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Practice Partner 11.2 EHR Earns ONC Health IT Certification

eMDs announces that Practice Partner v11.2 has earned the ONC Health IT Certification from the Drummond Group LLC

Practice Partner is an all-in-one EHR and Practice Management program offered by eMDs and sold by AZCOMP Technologies. On January 8, 2019, eMDs announced that Practice Partner achieved Office of the National Coordinator for HEalth Information Technology (ONC-Health-IT) 2015 Edition Health IT Module Certification through the an Authorized Certification Body (ACB) named Drummond Group LLC. Drummond Group LLC is a certification group, authorized to test software for compliance with the requirements of the federal government’s program. This certifies that the software offers the functionality that enables eligible providers and hospitals to meet the requirements of various regulatory programs that require use of certified EHR technology.

To read more about this announcement, please visit eMDs website here:

AZCOMP Technologies is proud to have this certified software to provide to its customers. This is a good solution for our customers who are looking for a very stable and powerful program with a lot of customization options, and that runs on a server. Practice Partner, along with Medisoft Clinical and Lytec MD, is a technology that is trusted and has been proven nationwide to help independent practices and healthcare providers to be productive, to be profitable, and most importantly helps to deliver the best care to their patients.

About AZCOMP Technologies

AZCOMP Technologies is the industry leader and expert in Practice Partner EHR, Medisoft Clinical EHR, and Lytec MD EHR software, training, support and more for independent medical practices and medical billing companies. We offer electronic health records, practice management systems, revenue cycle management solutions, fully management IT services for computers and networking, security and HIPAA compliance for physicians and medical practices and other small businesses. We have also been the #1 eMDs reseller in the nation since 2005. For more information please visit

About eMDs

eMDs is a leading provider of healthy solutions for healthy patients, healthy practices, and healthy partners. We offer integrated electronic health records, practice management software, revenue cycle management solutions, and credentialing services for physician practices and enterprises. Founded and continually influenced by physicians, the company is an industry leader for usable, connected software and services that enhance physician productivity and focus on patients with superior clinical and financial experience. eMDs software has received top rankings in physician and industry surveys including those conducted by the American Academy of Family Physicians’ Family Practice Management, American EHR Partners, MedScape, and Black Book. For more information please visit

e-MDs Acquisition of McKesson Software Assets

e-MDs acquisition of McKesson software assets includes Practice Choice™, Medisoft®, Medisoft Clinical®, Lytec®, and Lytec MD®.

What’s happening around the corner with AZCOMP?! Image via Google.

I’m sure you’ve all heard the news by now that e-MDs has acquired Medisoft®, Lytec®, Practice Choice™, Medisoft Clinical® and Lytec MD®.

There is a lot of speculation within the industry about what this means. Today we wanted to give you the straight talk and we’ll try to contain our excitement in the process.

When we first learned about this news we were of course caught off guard and didn’t know what to think. But once we learned who e-MDs is and what they’re trying to accomplish, we’ve been as excited as anyone can get about medical software.

This is really good news and you should be excited about it! We want to help you understand why.

good news

How is This Good News?

In talking and meeting with the e-MDs leadership team, we believe that they are the right business at the right time to acquire these McKesson products.

It has been no secret that McKesson was not a good fit for Medisoft and Lytec for many reasons, not the least of which was that they were only a very small piece of a very large corporation. As a result, Medisoft and Lytec struggled to get the needed resources and attention. e-MDs is quite the opposite of McKesson.

Nine Reasons to be Excited:

  1. Fortune 11: Being a Fortune 11 company, McKesson’s umbrella provided stability and financial strength, however, publicly traded companies come with red tape and McKesson was no exception. We often felt we were on a slow moving ship and it hindered the progress of the software.
  2. Tiny fish in the Huge Ocean: Medisoft and Lytec are big names in small practices, but in reality, this was only a tiny fraction of McKesson’s overall business. McKesson has given our products (your products) just a tiny fraction of their time and attention.
  3. Out of Touch: It often felt like McKesson was out of touch with understanding small business and the needs of a small practice, unlike e-MDs, who is not an exorbitantly large, publicly traded company and has a much better pulse on the needs of a small practice.
  4. Commitment to Small to Mid-Sized Practices: e-MDs focus is very narrow, working with only small to mid-sized practices. All of the products and services they provide are for this market. All of their energy and effort and resources are 100% dedicated to this market.
  5. Clear Understanding of Independent Practices: Starting in a small provider practice, e-MDs understands the unique challenges you face and are focused on providing solutions for you to remain independent and thrive.
  6. Smaller is Better: Much more attention can be given to our products, and e-MDs can move faster through fewer layers of management, allowing them to make quick decisions and improvements on our products.
  7. A Plan for Growth: As some of the biggest names in practice management software were frankly being neglected under McKesson, e-MDs saw an opportunity to grow their own reach in the small practice marketspace, in turn giving resources and money to grow our products and maintain existing clients (you)!
  8. Commitment to Keeping & Improving the Products: e-MDs didn’t just buy the product names and a customer database, they substantially grew their business by expanding their sales force through the VAR network that is already in place, and they acquired ALL of the developers, account managers and support technicians. This means the people that know your products and what you need are still here for you! We also feel like this shows their commitment to keeping and improving the products.
  9. Product enhancements: e-MDs knows that there are many thousands of loyal Medisoft and Lytec users that love those products and they aren’t interested in losing you! In fact, their goal is to provide enhancements to the products and new opportunities that will strengthen your business so that you will be with us for years to come!

Learn more about e-MDs

Dereck Pickell is the CEO of e-MDs and we’d like to share some of his thoughts he shared with us.

“e-MDs remains steadfast in our commitment to our VAR partners and to the customers you and we support. We are here to help stabilize and retain your customers with the next phase in their healthcare evolution. We continue to support the product lines, and are working hard to identify and deliver enhancements and solutions our customers will want to buy. ”

“We have a 20 year history in the ambulatory healthcare space with a proven track record of long-term consistency and excellence. Your client-base, small to medium-sized practices, is our primary target market. Our company was founded by a family physician and we continue to be guided by physicians, giving us a unique understanding of your customer’s challenges.”

To learn more about e-MDs and what they are saying, stay in the loop by checking out their recent press release.

We want to keep you in the loop! Image via Google.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that news like this could cause some concerns for you and your practice. Here is a quick FAQ to ease some of your potential concerns.

Question: Is my practice going to be required to switch to any of the e-MDs products?
Answer: No. There is no intent to migrate the existing users of the McKesson products over to any of the e-MDs products.

Question: Is my software going to be sunset, or cancelled, or discontinued?
Answer: No. There is no intent to sunset or cancel or discontinue any of the McKesson products that were purchased as part of this acquisition. In fact, e-MDs has made this purchase as an investment, which means that they plan to make the products better and more user friendly. Currently, there are product enhancement scheduled to be released within the next month, and new product versions expected to be released later this year. Their plan is to make our products better and to add new customers to them.

Question: Do I have to find new software?
Answer: No. We have met with ownership and management of e-MDs and they have no plans to cut or discontinue any of the products they acquired.

Question: Will AZCOMP continue to support us and our software?
Answer: Yes! As part of the acquisition, AZCOMP has moved over with them. As far as we are concerned, nothing has changed. Honestly, we are very excited about this move as well. We feel really good about the prospects of seeing good improvements to Medisoft and the other products.

Question: How does this affect our practice or billing service?
Answer: Right now there is no change so there is no impact to you. We do feel that this move will affect your practice in a positive way in the future simply because e-MDs is planning to invest more resources into the products than McKesson ever would have. So we hope that you share in our excitement for the future.

More questions?

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us! We would love to chat with you and get your feedback and hear your concerns. Call us at 480.730.3055 and ask to speak with one of our managers at any time.

Important Update on CQM Reporting for 2015

Please take note of the changes to Clinical Quality Measure (CQM) Reporting for 2015:

Providers participating in the EHR Incentive Program (Meaningful Use)  or electronically reporting for the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) Program are required to use the 2014 eCQM Specifications for their 2015 calendar year reporting.

Run The Updater On Your Server

This important update is to notify users that McKesson has now released a software patch on 11/4/2015 for Medisoft Clinical, LytecMD, and Practice Partner that will update the CQM reporting tool from the 2013 eCQM specifications to the new 2014 eCQM Specifications. Practices must run the updater on the server to apply the patch.
If there are any questions on running this update, feel free to contact our Support department for further assistance.

Review Your Selected Reporting Measures

Depending on the specific quality measures the provider is reporting, installing the software patch alone may not be enough as a number of the measures require configuration and workflow training in order to ensure the data is being captured in a manner that the report can read the data.
We are advising all providers to both update the software and review the measures they have selected for any changes to the configuration and workflow. A new user guide was released in conjunction with this update which includes all of the details on configuration and reporting.
Access and Download the guide here: CQM Report User’s Guide 2015

Need Any Assistance? Our Trainers Can Help.

If you need assistance with configuration, implementation and training on CQMs we recommend working one-on-one with one of our Certified Trainers. Call us at (888) 799-4777 to get set up with your training.

Meaningful Use 2015 Final Rule Webinar Replay

Meaningful Use: What you need to know about the CMS Final Rule Changes from October 16, 2015.

In mid October, CMS created a new Final Rule to update a portion of the EHR Incentive Program.

We held a webinar on October 29, 2015 to address the changes and show how this impacts your practice if you plan to attest for Meaningful Use.

Need Meaningful Use Help?

If you need additional help, call our office to schedule some time with one of our EHR trainers and we’ll help you make it through. Call us at (888) 799-4777.

Watch The Webinar Replay Here:

It’s a long one, so block out some time to review and grab some popcorn, Redvines, and any other snacks for the show…

Read the full text of the Final Rule as published on the Federal Register website.

Disclaimer: AZCOMP Technologies, Inc, (AZCOMP) is providing this material as an informational reference for eligible professionals. Although every reasonable effort has been made to assure the accuracy of the information within these pages at the time of posting, the EHR Incentive program is constantly changing, and it is the responsibility of each provider to remain abreast of the EHR Incentive program requirements.

New WebView Setting – Patients Can Only View Lab Results or Notes AFTER Signed by Doctor

There is a new setting in WebView that stops patients from seeing lab results and notes BEFORE the provider.

This is an announcement for all users of Practice Partner, Medisoft Clinical and Lytec MD. You can now set up WebView so that patients will not be able to view lab results or the notes in WebView until after the provider has reviewed and signed them.

If you have upgraded to version 11 of Practice Partner, Medisoft Clinical or Lytec MD, there is a patch available that will turn off viewing of unsigned lab results and notes.

To add this setting, do this:

  1. Make sure that all of your patches are up to date.
    1. To keep your patches up to date, review this User’s Guide.
    2. Or, if you have a support contract with AZCOMP, we’d be happy to help out with this. Give us a call.
  2. Add the following highlighted settings to the WebView section of the ppart.ini file.






If you need any assistance in completing any part of this, please contact the AZCOMP support department and we’ll be happy to help you out. Contact us at (888) 799-4777.


Join Us For Our ICD-10 Conference

ANNOUNCING: ICD-10 Prep Conference

Find Out What Every Practice Needs To Know To Effectively Prepare for ICD-10

icd10 prep event banner 3

Now is a good time to panic about the ICD-10 deadline.

If you’ve been ignoring every piece of ICD-10 advice and guidance for the past three years, and you are not prepared for the deadline, you should be panicking.

But instead of a panic attack, let’s just get started on preparing for ICD-10. It is time to get way beyond serious and make ICD-10 happen by October 1.

Join Us For Our FREE ICD-10 Training Conference, Live at Our Office in Gilbert, AZ

Get critical ICD-10 information specific to your software. ICD-10 is literally right around the corner. Make sure you’re ready & have all the critical information you need to get your software and your staff ready.

Even if you feel that you are already prepared, join us at the training so you can shore up what you’ve already learned, maybe learn a few more tips & tricks, and learn from your colleagues.

Don’t miss our FREE ICD-10 Prep where we’ll show you how to:

  • Convert your Existing ICD-9 Codes to ICD-10
  • Easily Do a Mass Import of ICD-10 Codes
  • Effectively Handle Giant Superbills
  • Correctly Setup Your Software for Testing Claims
  • Quickly Search for Codes (Without a bulky code book)

This will be critical for your practice to know how to do…and we’ll teach it to you for FREE!

Who Should Attend?

This conference is for anyone who uses Medisoft or Lytec for billing and claims. This includes any version of Medisoft, any version of Lytec, Medisoft Clinical, and Lytec MD users.

Due to the nature of the ICD-10 regulations it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that the Doctor, Office Manager, and Biller attend.

The Conference is FREE, but registration is REQUIRED for each person who wants to attend.

Click Here To Register.

icd-10 prep register here


Medisoft and Lytec Users Should Wait to Upgrade to Windows 10

This post has been replaced. Windows 10 support for Medisoft and Lytec is now available.  Click here to read the new post.



Customers who are considering upgrading to Microsoft Windows 10 need to wait.

Microsoft has announced that it will release Windows 10 on July 29, 2015. Customers who are using the following products should NOT upgrade to Windows 10 when it is released:

  • Medisoft
  • Lytec
  • Medisoft Clinical
  • Lytec MD
  • Practice Partner

DO NOT use Windows 10 until McKesson has announced that the Medisoft, Medisoft Clinical, Lytec, Lytec MD and Practice Partner products are supported on Windows 10. For more information on the current list of supported operating systems, please visit our website.

Medisoft system requirements.

Lytec system requirements.

Please stay tuned for future posts announcing the target release date on the Windows 10 certification for the above products.

Medicare Eligible Professionals: Take Action by July 1 to Avoid 2016 Medicare Payment Adjustment

News Updates from CMS Regarding Meaningful Use And Hardship Exceptions

Payment adjustments for eligible professionals that did not successfully participate in the Medicare EHR Incentive Program in 2014 will begin on January 1, 2016. Medicare eligible professionals can avoid the 2016 payment adjustment by taking action by July 1 and applying for a 2016 hardship exception.

The hardship exception applications and instructions for an individual and for multiple Medicare eligible professionals are available on the EHR Incentive Programs website, and outline the specific types of circumstances that CMS considers to be barriers to achieving meaningful use, and how to apply.

To file a hardship exception, you must:

  • Show proof of a circumstance beyond your control.
  • Explicitly outline how the circumstance significantly impaired your ability to meet meaningful use.

Supporting documentation must also be provided for certain hardship exception categories. CMS will review applications to determine whether or not a hardship exception should be granted.

You do not need to submit a hardship application if you:

  • are a newly practicing eligible professional
  • are hospital-based: a provider is considered hospital-based if he or she provides more than 90% of their covered professional services in either an inpatient (Place of Service 21) or emergency department (Place of Service 23), and certain observation services using Place of Service 22; or
  • Eligible professionals with certain PECOS specialties (05-Anesthesiology, 22-Pathology, 30-Diagnostic Radiology, 36-Nuclear Medicine, 94-Interventional Radiology)

CMS will use Medicare data to determine your eligibility to be automatically granted a hardship exception.

Apply by July 1
As a reminder, the application must be submitted electronically or postmarked no later than 11:59 p.m. ET on July 1, 2015 to be considered.

If approved, the exception is valid for the 2016 payment adjustment only. If you intend to claim a hardship exception for a subsequent payment adjustment year, a new application must be submitted for the appropriate year.

In addition, providers who are not considered eligible professionals under the Medicare program are not subject to payment adjustments and do not need to submit an application. Those types of providers include:

  • Medicaid only
  • No claims to Medicare
  • Hospital-based

Want more information about the EHR Incentive Programs?
Visit the EHR Incentive Programs website for the latest news and updates on the programs.

Disclaimer: AZCOMP Technologies, Inc, (AZCOMP) is providing this material as an informational reference for eligible professionals. Although every reasonable effort has been made to assure the accuracy of the information within these pages at the time of posting, the EHR Incentive program is constantly changing, and it is the responsibility of each provider to remain abreast of the EHR Incentive program requirements.