How to Check Your SQL Version in Lytec

On July 9, 2019, Microsoft ended all support for SQL Server 2008 R2 including security patches, updates, and technical assistance. This means if a security vulnerability is discovered, Microsoft WILL NOT release a patch to fix it.

Continuing to use systems that are no longer supported with security patches will put your organization at risk for data breaches. More importantly it violates HIPAA compliance requirements to protect devices against malicious software – opening your practice up to potential major fines.


If you are using Lytec 2014 or older your system is at risk and needs to be upgraded immediately.

If you are using Lytec 2015 or newer your system may also be at risk. 2015 and newer versions shipped with MS SQL 2012. However, if your software was only upgraded there is a chance you are still using SQL Server 2008 R2 as your operating system.

Check out the new video we put together on how to check your SQL version in Lytec, to see if you might be at risk.


Contact us today for a risk assessment. We can quickly check to see if your system is at risk. If you are, we will help you upgrade to a newer version of the software and to a compliant
operating system.

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5 Misconceptions About Staying on Outdated Software to Manage Your Practice

Medical practices love to use the reason as to why they don’t upgrade of “if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it.”

A good strategy for being in business a long time is to keep your costs lower than your revenue which is why I think some practices love to use the excuse of “if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it.” And for those that don’t care about improvement, or don’t care about progress, or who are okay with dealing with all the problems associated with older software, then maybe this is an okay philosophy. However, this narrow-minded approach might not be what’s best for your practice.

Let’s take a look at all the potential downsides of managing your practice on an older version of your practice management software.

#1. Features that seem insignificant can be seriously helpful for your users

Planning an upgrade is a conversation a lot of businesses do not like to have. Mainly because it is really hard to justify purchasing an already pricey piece of software. To make things even harder, sometimes the newest upgrade might not have a lot of life-changing features – you’ll see some small bug fixes and minor improvements, most of time. However, your users are the ones who are utilizing the software every day and not upgrading could be causing small issues for them every day that they don’t have a solution for. Even a small issue can be built up to become much bigger issues, creating a huge problem and making their jobs harder.

#2. Unsupported software means unsecured data

On January 14, 2020, Windows will end support for Windows 7. Updates will stop, and the operating system will enter lame-duck status. You’ll still be able to use Windows 7, but once Microsoft ends support, security patches will cease. Without these essential patches, you are susceptible to hackers and your data becomes extremely vulnerable. The same is true for hardware. New devices and components are released all the time, and they are all designed to work with the operating systems of today and tomorrow. Using Windows 7 with such hardware limits its capabilities. Eventually, it will become difficult to find hardware that’s compatible with Windows 7 at all. Read more about the Final Days of Windows 7 and see if you are prepared for the switch.

#3. Your operating system or other software might not be compatible with older versions of your software.

Software is tricky. Even the people who design it will tell you that. With so many users using the software for multiple different reasons, things are bound to come up that even the engineers behind the software didn’t think of when they created it. Some of these bugs and quirks have to do with how compatible the software is with other softwares – even including operating systems. It’s not always as black and white as you think. Like, using an old software on a new computer, or new software on an older computer. Sometimes it’s the smaller issues that can add up to big ones down the road. We call them ‘time-wasters’ and they can add up to extra expenses and lost income. Users may think it’s just not ‘working the way it should be’ and they’re right. It could be lagging, or even just flat out refuse to work – unless you create a work-around. We’ve even had customers tell us that restarting their computer fixes software issues. This might not be completely crippling for users, but it could be frustrating.

#4. No more access to technical support

It’s become the norm that when something wonky happens with your software, you can call tech support. We hear from our own customers that it’s nice to know they have support, even if they don’t need it – because when they don’t have it, that will be the day they need it, right? Software is only supported up to a certain version. As the newer, most current versions come out each year, and the further you get away from the newest version, the more likely you are to have a version that is not supported any longer. If your users do not have access to be able to call someone to solve their problems, the further they’ll be from finding a possible solution. Looking for Medisoft or Lytec support for your software? AZCOMP is famous for our phenomenal support. Check it out!

#5. Using an older version of software may be costing you more than the actual ‘upgrade’

We’ve talked about work-arounds in this article a few times. If your users are creating work-arounds in their daily tasks, it’s probably taking them upwards of five hours per week on issues they’re having. Trying to fix their software, instead of doing their work, adds up to a lot more in payroll then it does the price of upgrading your software. Ask us about how we can get you the plan you need to fit your budget – at a predictable and low monthly cost – because we’re committed to making sure you get the best deal (and not at the price of wasting time!).

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Resolving Revenue Management “Connect, Create, Cancel”

Reconnecting Revenue Management in Medisoft

When attempting to connect to Revenue Management, you may encounter an error like the one shown below.


Typically this occurs when the system has lost its connection to the database due to either a reboot of the server or an outage at the office.

If your Revenue Management has been previously configured and connected, but has become disconnected, this video will show you how to reconnect to the database.

Reconnecting Revenue Management when it becomes disconnected in Medisoft



Check out our YouTube Channel, for more videos just like this.

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Eligibility Verification Medisoft

Lytec 2017 Pre-Release Sales Event

Lytec 2017 is now available for purchase!

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What is a Lytec Subscription?

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With Lytec Monthly™, you will always be on the most current version of Lytec, and you’ll also get professional installation, unlimited technical support, training and many more valuable services. With all of these items bundled together we’re able to offer you the lowest pricing available anywhere!

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Lytec 2017

Why Is Lytec 2017 the Best Choice for Your Practice?

Lytec has simply been the best tool available for independent practices to manage their schedule, their claims and their billing. Lytec 2017 is the best version of Lytec that has ever been made, and it has some exciting new features.

  • Accounts Receivable Tracking Tool

This tool offers the ability to drill down into your Patient and Insurance accounts receivable and follow up on any outstanding amounts. New custom views that can be saved, each staff member can now have a different view that represents their work list for the day. You can filter the AR Tracking tool by many values in order to narrow the scope of your work to only the claims or statements that you are working on at the time.

  • Advanced ICD-10 Search Tool

This tool will help billers find the most specific code available, and quickly! The natural language query included allows Lytec users to search by code or description. The visual search function allows users to also click on anatomical diagrams.

  • Integrated Appointment Reminder System

Lytec now more tightly integrated AutoRemind service drastically reduces no-shows and has been proven to cost less and be more effective than making phone calls. With this service you can send automated appointment reminders to patients via secure emails, text messages or even via automated phone calls. Patients can confirm their appointments and the appointment status gets updated within Office Hours. Get more out of your program and help keep patients from missing their appointments with AutoRemind! *FREE 30 day trial! Additional Monthly Fees Apply.

How To Fix Medicare Secondary Claims Rejections

How To Fix Medicare Secondary Claims Rejections 

Claims got ya’ feelin’ Coo-Coo? We can help!      Image via Google.

If you have been experiencing any rejections on claims sent, specific to Medicare showing as your secondary source of insurance for a patient, we are confident this blog post can help!

First and foremost, Medicare is typically for the elderly, so most patients will have this insurance as their primary insurance carrier. It is rare for claims to show Medicare Insurance as secondary, mostly being flagged by insurances to say, “hey, why is this showing as secondary and not primary?!”

We have a solution for you: When you are working within Medisoft, to correct these claims that may be rejected, there is a specific drop down box for this instance when maybe the patient is still of working age or disabled and does not have Medicare as their primary insurance carrier. If you are sending Medicare secondary claims, there is additional information that must be filled out, and we will show you how!

Getting started:

Common errors will show something like, “Medicare needs the identity of the primary payor” or “CO-16 error” on your Explanation of Benefits (EOB).

You need to make sure on all these electronic Medicare secondary claims that you have a Medicare Secondary Payor Type or more commonly known as MSP Type Code.

A complete list of these codes can be found here!

There are entered on the same page as the Medicare information when it’s entered as secondary in your Medisoft program.

Let’s see how it’s done:

This drop down list of these codes is found in the case and is always required if Medicare is the secondary insurance on a claim.  That is the only time these codes are needed and will appear for selection.

Now, If the drop down list is grayed out and won’t let you select from it, that means the Medicare insurance code is not setup as a Medicare insurance type.  It has to be a Medicare insurance type.

screenshot two

Let us know how this worked for you! Give us a call or leave a comment!

Need even more help? We are here for you!


Revenue Management Quick Tip – How To Change The Dial-Up Number

How to Update The Dial-Up Number In Revenue Management

This video applies to both Medisoft and Lytec users who are using the Revenue Management feature built into the program.

If any of your payors that you are connected to in Revenue Management are using a dial-up connection, and they change the dial-up number, then you need to change the number in your Revenue Management program. Watch this super quick and helpful video showing how to make the change! In this video, we show you how we changed the Medicare dial up number, but really this applies to any of your payors that are using the dial-up connection.

Watch the video here:

How to change the dial up number in revenue management


Video Transcript:

In this video I’m going to show you how to change your dial up phone number in revenue management for Medicare since that’s the most commonly used dial connection there is. This process can also be done for any of your payers that you use a dial up connection to get too.

First, we’re going to go to revenue management, so activities, revenue management, and revenue management. When that pops up here, we’re going to go ahead and go to configure, communications. This is where all the magic happens so to speak.

A cheater way of getting this taken care of is to double click on that to sort it so you can get to all the ones that you have and there’s my Medicare. See here, it has the old number and then you can click here and play with all day, go backspace, up and down, over and everything, it’s not going to let you edit this in any way, shape or form. It doesn’t do anything. You can get a little frustrated, how do I do that?

What you have to do is go here to the details in this long bar and click on it. That will bring up your terminal window for all your dial up on that. When the terminal comes up, you go to center tab that says settings and then you can simply just edit the phone number here and we all the new number ends in a five. There’s no save or anything here but when you close it, it should save it right in there and then you click save and there we go. We have just updated our medicare phone number to the new number at 55, and it’s all good to go.


Not Wanted: Know-it-all Corporate Lackies Who Love Titles & Love To Wait For Direction

AZCOMP Technologies is looking for the following person to make an impact in our company and for our customers. If you are this person, awesome. If not, do you know this person? If you know this person, forward this post to them so we can chat with them.

Even if you aren’t this person but are curious of who we are at AZCOMP and what type of person we are looking for, then read on…

Technical Support Jedi for EMR/Medical Software

Great! You found and are reading our job posting. This is a great opportunity for the right person who is dynamic, fun loving, and hard working to join our marvelous team. If you are the right person for the job, fantastic. Please read on.


We are looking for a technical support “Jedi” to provide technical assistance to our customers as they use their medical based software (EMR, Practice Management). In short, you resolve problems.  The more problems you resolve, the better our customers, the Doctors of the country, can provide care for their patients. In all reality, you impact people’s lives.

We are looking for the right person to have:

  • A passion and determination to get the job done
  • A likeable, fun, and hard-working personality
  • An Ability to change and adapt – seriously, things move quick around here
  • A desire to help customers and deliver phenomenal service
  • A love for technology
  • A need to work for a company with a real purpose behind them

The wrong person will possess:

  • A know-it-all attitude
  • The ability to always wait for direction
  • A love for corporate structure
  • A desire for mid-level management
  • A smart phone with no apps installed

In turn, we will provide:

  • A great place to work
  • Challenges and opportunities
  • Awesome coworkers
  • Competitive compensation
  • Stability
  • Medical and dental coverage, paid holidays, paid vacation, paid sick days, 401k



Business is booming for us. Really, it’s busy – and we like it that way. We keep on our toes. Get ready to change and evolve as we strive to be cutting edge and take advantage of new technologies. This position is ever developing, changing, and advancing like the technologies we implement for our customers.

Get ready to learn a ton! We provide and support EMR and Patient Accounting software to medical offices. We service hundreds of medical offices not only here in AZ, but around the country. We feel that the work we do in keeping their technology humming along helps empower them to deliver better care for their patients. Our customers range from very small (5 employees) to medium (50 employees) with multiple branch offices. The environments range in complexity. This position is responsible for resolving technical support issues with the medical software, troubleshooting issues, and communicating with customers. In short, we are responsible for keeping our end client’s systems running so they can help their patients. We keep things hopping around here.


  • Personal core values similar to ours (see below).
  • Organized, detail oriented and self-motivated.
  • Talk nerdy to me–er, all of us. Know your stuff and talk about it confidently, accurately, and honestly.
  • Provide and maintain detailed documentation on each job.
  • Ability to rock the mic like a vandal. Okay, maybe not rap, but you do have to be able to communicate extremely well – both in voice and written. Talk geek to us, we love it, just not the customer.
  • Ability to remain in contact with the client thru the completion of the incident.
  • Problem-solving abilities and ability to meet reasonable deadlines.
  • Be detail-oriented. Know how to soar at 30,000 feet but also be comfortable diving into the details and getting those hands dirty.
  • Willingness to develop professionally – we goin’ places.
  • Love to laugh. If you take yourself too seriously, then avert your eyes from this description now. That being said, you should absolutely take your job seriously.
  • Oh yeah, and a desire to contribute to an awesome team and culture.
  • Live for technology – seriously, you read technology blogs for fun. We want someone who has passion for technology and wants to use it to better our customers and this company.
  • Be organized, ahead of schedule, communicative, accountable–in short, own your role entirely, while being open to critiques, suggestions, and new ideas.
  • Play really nice with others. We’re a tight-knit, highly collaborative team, and we keep it that way.
  • Experience in technical support is preferred, but not required.
  • General knowledge of Microsoft based software.
  • Medical/EMR software knowledge is preferred, but not required.
  • Experience with Medisoft, Lytec, or McKesson is huge plus.


  • Job opening is available immediately
  • Office is located in Gilbert (Cooper & Elliot)
  • Full time position
  • Entry to medium level. Pay starts at $12-$17/hour DOE



  1. Take this test & send us your scores to
  2. When you email us, let us know the real name of Jack Bauer
  3. If you want to include a resume, fine. Can’t guarantee it will be read. Rather, send 3 results you have created in your life – 3 things you made happen you are proudest of.



AZCOMP Technologies, Inc. has been a leader in healthcare software and IT for over 12 years. An exciting, innovative company, AZCOMP is renowned for providing a level of service that is unparalleled amongst our competitors. Our dynamic team strives to enhance the customer’s sales, training, and support experience, and is driven to be the best. We are a successful company with solid group of team members that like to laugh and have fun while being successful. We have a great company culture – 30 employees – fun and appreciative boss and coworkers. We have a great balance of personalities so everyone gets along- no office drama! Benefits include medical and dental coverage, paid holidays, paid vacation, paid sick days, 401k.
Since AZCOMP’S inception we have had one ambition- to provide the very best to the people we are so privileged to work with. From the products we choose to endorse, to the employees we hire, to the services we provide- our commitment to provide the best affects every decision we make.

In the late 1960’s a few exec’s at NASA we’re giving a private tour of the facility. While passing a janitor, someone from the tour asked what he did for NASA and the janitor’s response was, “I helped get a man on the moon!” That janitor had a clear understanding that the role he played was part of a much bigger mission. With that same understanding, AZCOMP is not just interested in a support tech. We want someone who is as passionate as we are in helping us empower small medical practices to deliver the best care!

Our Promise to our Customers:
We can’t promise that hardware won’t fail, that software will always function properly, or that we will always be perfect. But we can promise you that we always put measures in place to help minimize your risks. And in the event that something goes wrong, that you can count on us to rise to the occasion, take responsibility, and do everything in our power to either fix it, or deliver an acceptable solution.

AZCOMP Core Values :
1. We deliver PHENOMENAL
2. We work hard, play hard
3. We care about the One
4. We check our egos at the door
5. We chase Mavericks — (We believe challenges are opportunities)
6. We exercise real communication — (Leave the drama with your mama)
7. We do the right thing
8. We surf Jaws — (We innovate and improve)
9. We get our Jack Bauer on! — (We bring Passion and Determination)

Announcing ICD-10 Training Webinars

Are you a small, independent medical practice or billing company?  Do you need some help getting ready for the ICD-10 transition?

With the ICD-10 transition right around the corner, we want to make sure that everyone is ready.  This webinar series is designed to help everyone get ready!

From these webinars you will learn:

  • The basics and background of ICD-10.
  • What new challenges you will have with billing because of ICD-10 and what your software (either Medisoft v20 or Lytec2015) will do for you to overcome these challenges.
  • All about testing submitting your claims so that you will feel confident going into October.
  • What you can do to make the transition to ICD-10 as easy as possible.

If you need practical and easy-to-understand information specific for your software (Medisoft or Lytec) to help you prepare for the October 1 deadline, then this is exactly what you are looking for.

Take a moment now to learn more about the webinars and to register.

Click Here for ICD-10 Webinar Information and Registration

As part of your ICD-10 implementation plan, you will need ICD-10 ready software for your practice.  Give AZCOMP a call at (888) 799-4777 to talk with a Software Specialist when you are ready to buy Medisoft v20, or Lytec 2015 or integrated EMR systems.

AZCOMP has been a Leading Software Partner for 15 years!  Coincidence… We Don’t Think so!

Here’s why Small Practices Partner With AZCOMP:

Small Independend Medical Practice Technology Partner

We Are Technology Partners

We don’t just sell software.  We understand the challenges Small Practices face & we find powerful solutions to help!  We’ve helped thousands of practices become more efficient, increase revenue, and most importantly – improve patient care.

Medical Billing Software Guru's

Lots of Medical Billing Software Guru’s

We are NOT a one man show.  We have specialized teams who know the software inside and out.  Each team is highly qualified in their area- like Software Support, Training, Installation, IT…  Let’s just say that the software companies are coming to us when they need help!

Medisoft Training; Lytec Training

Expert Training – For FREE!

It’s no secret that the happiest and most efficient Software users are those properly trained.  So we make sure that our customers get the expert training they need & won’t find anywhere else- like Free Tips and Tricks videos on our blog, webinars, and our popular Training DVD’s.

Medisoft Clinical or Lytec MD – How to set file associations

AZCOMP Support Video: How to set the default program for viewing scanned images in Medisoft Clinical or Lytec MD

This video will cover how to set file associations.  That means we are setting the default program that will allow you to open and view TIFF files, which is how the scanned images are stored in your Medisoft Clinical or Lytec MD program.  In the video we will set a program called Irfanview as the default TIFF viewer.  In the video we also show how to download and install that Irfanview program onto your computer.

how to set file associations for Medisoft clinical and Lytec MD


Video Transcript:

Today we’re going to be going over how to set file associations if you do not have permissions or access to the control panel. I would start by going to start and then computer. What we need to do is find whatever file type you’re looking for. In most cases it’s going to be a TIFF file when we’re setting the file association for the TIFF viewer. TIFF files can be found in many directories on your computer but they are particularly in the P drive, and the P part, and then files. These ones are super embedded so they’re going to be pretty far down here, but just click multiple times. Like I said, after tons of clicks you’ll find some of your files. This is our test database so we don’t have many files in there but this will have all of your scanned images once you do that.

Right here, here’s a TIFF file. What you can do is right click that, go to open with. If you choose one now that will just be for a single time. If you go down to the very bottom it will say choose default program, and then you can choose which program you want. IrfanView is the new TIFF viewer that we are recommending. If you just double click on that and then you’ll see that’s what it opens with now. That will be what clinical or MD uses to open those file types.

Hi, today we’re going to be going over how to download and install the new TIFF viewer. Some of you may be on alternative or Brava! Reader. Those ones are great but they do tend to expire and need to be reinstalled or updated. The new TIFF reader will not need to be updated and so it is a one and one deal. To do this start by going to and then just type in IrfanView. Go ahead and click on download IrfanView.

What I always do is choose this top one, get it from CNET. CNET is a trusted download site. Go ahead and click on that, then click on download now. It will process through for a little bit and then it should prompt us to run. It looks like it’s going on in the background so let’s go ahead and run that. What I usually do is uncheck all. You don’t need these to be on your desktop, so go ahead and uncheck all and then hit next, next again. Here we want to set the file association to TIFF files. That’s what you scan into your clinical or MD programs. After you click TIFF click next. I uncheck the Google Chrome bars. I don’t think those are really necessary. They’re just an add-on to the download. Then next again. It’s going to say do we really want to change the file associations. Click on yes and then done.

I’ll go ahead and open it up. At this point you’ll want to go ahead and open up your practice partner or your clinical or MD and open up a patient that you know has a scanned image. I’m on my test database so we don’t have scanned images in, but go ahead and try to open one of those up. If you have any issues with that please call support and we’ll be more than happy to jump on help you out.

Medisoft Clinical or Lytec MD Support Video: Restart Mirth

AZCOMP Support Video: Restart Mirth for Medisoft Clinical or Lytec MD

Mirth is the program that connects all of the information between your practice management software and your EHR software.  Sometimes this becomes disconnected for a variety of reasons.  In this short video, learn how simple it is to reconnect, or to restart the Mirth to connect Medisoft back to Medisoft Clinical, or to connect Lytec back to Lytec MD.

Lytec MD; Medisoft Clinical mirth restart


Video Transcript:

Today’s discussion will be about restarting the Mirth program, which is actually what controls everything crossing from your Medisoft or Lytec to your clinical or Lytec MD program. In order to do this, it’s very simple. There should be a desktop called McKesson Practice Interface Center. This will be on the server. You just want to double click that. Once it comes up, there’s a button that says Launch Mirth. Once you’ve clicked that, it will bring up Mirth Console and Mirth Connect Services. That will restart this and you’ll see this little orange icon that looks like a little smiley face down at the bottom. Now if that does not solve your problem, of course please do give us a call.