Resolving Revenue Management “Connect, Create, Cancel”

Reconnecting Revenue Management in Medisoft

When attempting to connect to Revenue Management, you may encounter an error like the one shown below.


Typically this occurs when the system has lost its connection to the database due to either a reboot of the server or an outage at the office.

If your Revenue Management has been previously configured and connected, but has become disconnected, this video will show you how to reconnect to the database.

Reconnecting Revenue Management when it becomes disconnected in Medisoft



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Eligibility Verification Medisoft

Notice Regarding Print-Image Files and ICD-10

Are you still submitting claims to your clearinghouse using “Print-Image” files?

If you are still using the print image method for submitting claims, you need to start submitting using the new CMS 1500 02/12 claim form or your cash flow will be negatively impacted.

As October 1, 2015 approaches, the primary concern for all providers is whether or not they will continue to receive revenue as the entire industry makes the biggest transition in healthcare in 35 years! While many practices are finishing off the tail end of their ICD-10 Action Plans, and are well on their way to a smooth transition, we have recently seen a surge in calls from practices that have not yet completed ICD-10 testing with their clearinghouse and payers.

As we are assisting practices with their testing, we are finding a higher than expected number of practices that are sending print image files to their clearinghouses. Most clearinghouses cut off the use of print image files when the industry shifted to the new CMS 1500 02/12 form back on April 1, 2014. However, there are still a few outliers that continued to allow users to submit print image files.

Keep in mind that HIPAA required all electronic transactions to be submitted in the ANSI 5010 format as of January 1, 2012.

In order to comply with this new standard, Medisoft built the capability to submit claims in the 5010 format directly from the program through the Revenue Management module. If you are not using Revenue Management then you are submitting claims in a print image format to your clearinghouse. Then the clearinghouse is converting the print image file for you to the ANSI 5010 format and forwarding it on to the payers.

How You Can Find Out If You Are Sending “Print Image” Text Files

Typically the print image format comes from a file that is formatted based on the HCFA claim form fields. In Medisoft and Lytec the most common method of producing the print image file was by setting up an EDI receiver to launch an executable file called CMS11.exe. Here is a sample of what you may see when you are sending claims that notifies you that you are sending a “print image” text file.

medisoft cms11 text file print image

Or you can watch this short video where we show you in Medisoft how you can find out if you are sending “print image” files.

Don’t Let Your Claims Get DENIED

As of Medisoft v19 and Lytec 2014, Medisoft and Lytec discontinued support of the cms11.exe file. It was never updated to match the new claim form or to handle ICD-10 codes. Therefore, if you are still relying on this method to submit claims there is a very high likelihood that your ICD-10 claims will be DENIED starting October 1, 2015.

While some clearinghouses may continue to support print image file submissions, our understanding is that they will require you to use a print image file that produces a print image of the CMS 1500 02/12 claim form. Please take note that the CMS11.exe file produces the old 08/05 claim format and that print image submission is not supported in Medisoft or Lytec.

Get On Board With Revenue Management

The good news is Medisoft v19 (and Medisoft v20) and Lytec 2014 (and Lytec 2015) are both equipped with not only the new 02/12 claim forms, but also with Revenue Management. The Revenue Management module in Medisoft and Lytec can be configured to send claims to any clearinghouse or even directly to the payers in the 5010 format.

In addition, Revenue Management has features such as claim scrubbing and ERA posting that your practice can take advantage of to streamline billing processes.

revenue management claim check screen shot

While the Revenue Management application is included with the ICD-10 compatible versions of Medisoft and Lytec, it does require setup and configuration to successfully utilize it. If you need to get setup on Revenue Management please call us at (888) 799-4777 to schedule the configuration with an EDI Professional!

If You Need Revenue Management Configured, Don’t Wait!

Please do not wait to contact us as the backlog of practices that need configuration and training is growing and our availability is based on first come first serve.

We also highly recommend contacting your clearinghouse as soon as possible to discuss this change, and to coordinate the switch from the print image file to the ANSI 5010 format.

Here Is A Clip From A Recent Webinar Explaining The Problem And What You Can Do About It

video play - no print image support

Electronic Claims Video – Create Shortcut for Explanations Of Loop And Segment Rejections

Don’t Have All Those Loop & Segment References Memorized?  No Problem – This Might Help

When you have electronic claims rejections, the clearinghouse often includes these Loop and Segment references.  If you don’t know what these loop and segment references mean, don’t feel too badly because we don’t know what they mean either.  Luckily though there is a reference guide that can help explain.

In this short video, learn how to create a desktop shortcut for yourself so that you can quickly access the information and look up these references.  This way the explanations you are looking for are now at your fingertips.

Watch the video here…

video thumbnail - loop and segments shortcut

 Video Transcript:

In this video we’re going to show you how to set up a shortcut on your desktop that’s going to explain what all those loop and segments are. So when you get a rejection in Revenue Management or from your clearing else or even from the insurance company. Most of the time they’re going to include that was a rejected for a certain loop and segment number. This is going to help you make heads or tails and how to actually fix it.

First thing we want to do is on the desktop we go to an empty spot where there are no icons and right click and choose New, Shortcut, and then we’re going to browse into this PC. We’re going to go to our Medisoft folder and the Bin, and we’re going to scroll down until we get to that one file. It’s one of those files that’s kind of hard to find unless you know what you’re looking for. We’re going to look for MedisoftHelpAIIANSI. Then we click on next, we’re going to name this just to make it easier, Loops and click finish. There’s our desktop shortcut to those loop and segments.

When we get a rejection and let’s say that it was going to be on loop, here we go let’s just go click one out of random, Loop 2000B Segment HL. We click on that and it’s going to tell you everything about where that loop and segment is. If it’s right here, if it’s loop and segment HL01 it tells you all that stuff. The most common one is 2010AB Pay-to Provider Name, it tells you here again where it all is. If it’s Loop2010AB Segment N2 tells you right here, segments not used; For segment N3 it tells you where it’s point from practice information.

Same here if it was rejected because of Loop2010AB Segment N3 then we’re going to know that it’s probably the Pay to Address 1 and this is where you find it, it’s going to be in the Practice information, Practice Pay To tab, Street 1. It tells you exactly where that loop and the segment is pulling from so you can repair it, re-submit the claim and get that claim paid.

Electronic Claims – Add Outbound Claims Folder To Your Favorites

Want A Time Saving Tip For Your Electronic Claims?

When you are using the Revenue Management tool for your Electronic Claims in Medisoft or Lytec, you frequently need to access your ‘Outbound Claims’ folder.  You can set this folder as a favorite so that you can access it much quicker saving you valuable time when you need to upload files to your clearinghouse.

Watch the short video here:

Revenue Management for Medisoft or Lytec - outbound claims folder








 Video Transcript:

This video will show you how to add your Outbound Claims folder in Revenue Management to a favorite spot so you won’t have to go browsing throughout your whole network and your whole computer every time you go to upload that claim file to your clearinghouse.

First we need to actually get to that folder that we’re talking about, and it’s usually found in your Metadata folder. Your Outbound is right here, and what we want to do is, this is where it’s always going to be, so we’re going to go up here to your favorites and right click and add current location to Favorites. That way next time we go looking for it we just click on the Outbound folder in your Favorites, and there’s your claims.

Sending Claims Couldn’t Be Any Easier

Sending Claims & Getting Paid is Essential- But it doesn’t have to be a PAIN!

AZCOMP’s Easy Claims™ makes it- well EASY!

Medisoft Electronic Claims

With Easy Claims™, enjoy the easy life by:

  • Getting Paid Faster
  • Having Less Rejections
  • Saving Hours of Data Entry Time
  • Improving Cash Flow
  • No Longer Wasting Time Uploading/Downloading to a Website
  • No More Dealing with Paper Claims, Paper EOBs, or Paper Secondary Claims


medisoft medical billing software


What AZCOMP’s Easy Claims Does for You:

Sends Claims Electronically straight from Medisoft or Lytec in ANSI format to our preferred ClearingHouse. No Website to upload or download to.

Scrubs Claims to check & make sure each one meets ANSI 5010 requirements. Fix Problems before you send them & Reduce Rejections

Flexible ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) downloads directly to Medisoft/Lytec to give you complete control over which line items to post & what posting codes to use. Saves Hours of Data Entry Time.

Seamless Integration between your billing software & the ClearingHouse. Keeps ALL your claims, reports, & posted payments/adjustments nice & tidy in the program.

Eligibility Verification verify & check patient eligibility (before a service is performed) with just 3 clicks right inside Medisoft!

Faster Turnaround gets your money from the payor in the shortest time possible (generally within 4 – 10 days instead of 2 months)! And if there is a rejection you will know the next day!

medisoft medical billing software

Learn More and Sign up For AZCOMP’s Easy Claims™ Here

Revenue Management Support Video – Change the Medicare routing receiver code

Support Video: How to change the Medicare routing receiver code in revenue management program for either Medisoft or Lytec.

Recently Medicare has required a change to their receiver codes and because of this, it is causing problems in Revenue Management.  If Medicare has sent you a new receiver code, this video will show you where you need to change that inside of Revenue Management.  The Medicare receiver code is a 4 digit code that is unique to your practice.  In this video, when we make the change, we just put in a random 4 digit number.  Please note that is not the correct code for you to use.  You will need to use the code that Medicare sent to you.

medicare receiver routing code


Video Transcript

Hello everyone, today I’m going to go ahead and show you how to change your receiver code here in Revenue Management. We’ve been getting a lot of phone calls lately on how to get that changed due to the fact that Medicare has pretty much said, “Hey, we have a new code to use, you’ll need to go ahead and update that with your software.” Here is a quick look on how to change the receiver code.

Basically what you would do is you would open up your Revenue Management program, I have mine opened up here and you’re going to click on the Configure tab on the top. Once you clicked on Configure you’re going to go ahead and click on the Receivers, this is going to take you to the Receivers.

Within Receivers you’re going to look for Medicare and you’re going to go over to the row that say … or the column that says Header, then you’re going to click on the row for Medicare … or Headers. Once you click on that it’s going to open up the Contact Info information, your Interchange, and so forth, you’re going to scroll down to where it says Functional Group and you’re going to look for the Application Receiver Code, GS03.

To change that you’re just going to click on where the previous code is and you’re going to put in the new one. Once you put in the new code you’re just going to go ahead and click Save and you are good to go, and that’s how you change the Receiver Code here in Revenue Management.


Using The Support Audit Tool In Relay Health

AZCOMP Support Video: How to re-queue an ERA using the support audit tool in Relay Health for Medisoft and Lytec

tips and tricksThis video will show how to re-queue an ERA (electronic remittance advice) using the support audit tool in Relay Health.  This feature does not come standard, so you would need to request this to be set up on your system.  Relay Health is a clearing house for electronic claims, and works with our AZCOMP revenue management/electronic claims tool.

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Or in other words, click the button in the lower right hand corner of the YouTube viewing screen while watching the video.  By clicking on that icon the video will be larger.

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Here’s what you’ve been waiting for…time to watch the video!

How To Assign Posting Codes in Revenue Management (EDI) for Lytec & Medisoft

AZCOMP Support Video: Learn how to assign posting codes in our electronic claims program for Medisoft and Lytec.

This video will show you how to assign posting codes on your electronic claims if you are posting ERA’s (electronic remittance advice). In the video you will see how to add a posting code that has already been entered, and also how to enter in a new posting code if it doesn’t already exist in your program.  Revenue Management is our electronic claims program for Medisoft and Lytec patient management programs.

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Now watch the video!

How to Increase Your Diagnosis Codes Range In Electronic Claims Program

AZCOMP Support Video: In your electronic claims program for either Medisoft or Lytec (Revenue Management), learn how to increase the range of your diagnosis codes.

tips and tricksYou can increase the number of diagnosis codes to 12 codes on a single claim if you know how to do it.  So in this video you will learn how to increase your diagnosis codes selection, or range of codes up to 12.  This is done in your Revenue Management program, which is the program for sending electronic claims in Medisoft and Lytec.  So watch this short video which is just barely over 1 minute long to learn how to do this.

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Watch the video now:

How To Filter Specific Claims In Revenue Management

AZCOMP Support Video: How You Can Select Specific Claims To Filter In Revenue Management (for Lytec & Medisoft)


tips and tricks

When in Revenue Management (which is our electronic claims program, or EDI), you are able to select and filter specific claims. If you’re staring at hundreds of claims and need to only view one or a certain amount of them Josh, one of our phenomenal support technicians, helps us understand how to filter those claims in under two minutes.



Video: How To Filter Specific Claims In Revenue Management