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Giving Back | The Power of Community Involvement

The Power of Community Involvement


Are you looking for a way to improve morale with your staff at your practice? Are you looking for a way to give back to the community? Are you interested in creating an atmosphere within your office where your staff trusts each other and they feel a little bit like a family with each other?

If you are looking for any of this, then doing a little volunteer work as a company might be just the way to achieve all of that and more!

Giving back…

Many benefits can be found in companies that encourage their employees to be involved in the community, and when you do volunteer work together as a company. Organizing volunteer activities for your staff (or letting your staff organize service opportunities for the company) will bring your staff closer together.

It will make them feel good about themselves. It is a great way to help your staff get to know each other, and a much better way than meeting after work for drinks. It will help your staff feel fulfilled. When you put staff or employee’s in charge of figuring out and planning for community volunteer work it gives employees an opportunity to lead when they might not get that every day at work.

This involvement can also distinguish you from the competitors. By giving back, it will truly help to show your clients that what you’re doing, aside from your career, is making the world a better place.

AZCOMP Technologies is working to build relationships with organizations in our community. We have encouraged the employees to get on board and be involved with periodic community service events. Collaboration and inspiration are two areas that are developed when your employees have an avenue to give back.

Our community service team has developed an annual volunteer plan to stay involved. Our first community service event of the year took place on March 24th & 25th, 2016 at Paz De Cristo Community Center in Mesa, AZ.

Some of the AZCOMP team volunteered two days, after business hours, to serve 300+ dinners, each night.

Benjamin preparing food in the kitchen prior to meal service!

“It was an absolute honor to be a part of such a special cause…” – Benjamin


"Serving with co-workers is AWESOME!" - Keven

“Serving with co-workers is AWESOME!” – Keven

Paz De Cristo’s mission is to “Feed, Clothe and Empower those in need.”

Erica Cluff, one of AZCOMP’s Product Advisors said, “The whole experience was humbling. Watching children come through the line to get their dinner, as a mom of two boys, it made me realize, at the end of the day, my life & my stresses are nothing in comparison. Everyone was so thankful and Paz De Cristo was so organized. The full time workers there and the additional volunteers ran it all so well.”

To add to that, Benjamin Williams, one of our favorite IT techs said, “…It was amazing to see everyone’s face light up with just a simple meal – it reminds me of how blessed and fortunate we all are…,”

Erica also mentioned how this applies to one of the core values we have here, “We talk about a core value at AZCOMP which is, “We Care About The One” and it’s important to reflect that not only in our job, but in our personal life as well.”

Erica, showing off her service industry skills...

Erica, showing off her service industry skills…


Russ & NaTasha during food service.

Russ & NaTasha during food service.

“The miracle is not that we do this work, but that we are happy to do it…” – Mother Teresa

If you are looking for a simple way to bring your staff closer together and create a sense of unity within the office, a little service project might be just the ticket for your office!

If you want to learn more about how we are organizing this within our company, feel free to give us a call and ask to speak with our “community service manager”!

The Flower Of Honesty

A Fairy Tale With Lesson Learned

flower in hands

I recently heard a story that goes like this….

In ancient China, a certain prince was about to be crowned emperor; however, according to the law, he first had to get married.

Since this meant choosing the future empress, the prince needed to find a young woman whom he could trust absolutely. On the advice of a wise man, he decided to summon all the young women of the region in order to find the most worthy candidate.

An old lady, who had served in the palace for many years, heard about the preparations for this gathering and felt sad, because her daughter nurtured a secret love for the prince.

When the old lady got home, she told her daughter and was horrified to learn that her daughter intended to go to the meeting. The old lady was desperate.

‘But daughter, what on earth will you do there? All the richest and most beautiful girls from the court will be present. It’s a ridiculous idea. I know you must be suffering, but don’t turn that suffering into madness.’

And the daughter replied: ‘My dear mother, I am not suffering and I certainly haven’t gone mad. I know that I won’t be chosen, but it’s my one chance to spend at least a few moments close to the prince, and that makes me happy, even though I know that a quite different fate awaits me.’

That night, when the young women reached the palace, all the most beautiful girls were indeed there, wearing the most beautiful clothes and the most beautiful jewelry and prepared to do anything to seize the opportunity on offer.

Surrounded by the members of his court, the prince announced a challenge.

‘I will give each of you a seed. In six month’s time, the young woman who brings me the loveliest flower will be the future empress of China.’

The girl took her seed and planted it in a pot, and since she was not very skilled in gardening, she prepared the soil with great patience and tenderness, for she believed that if the flowers grew as large as her love, then she need not worry about the results.

Three months passed and no shoots had appeared. The young woman tried everything; she consulted farm laborers and peasants, who showed her the most varied methods of cultivation, but all to no avail. Each day she felt that her dream was farther away, although her love was as alive as ever.

At last, the six months passed and still nothing had grown in her pot. Even though she had nothing to show, she knew how much effort and dedication she put in during that time, so she told her mother that she would go back to the palace on the agreed date and at the agreed time. Inside she knew this would be her last meeting with her true love, and she would not have missed it for the world.

On the appointed day, the audience arrived. The girl appeared with her plant-less pot, and saw that all the other candidates had achieved wonderful results: each girl bore a flower lovelier than the last, in the most varied forms and colors.

Finally, the longed-for moment came. The prince entered and he studied each of the candidates with great care and attention. Having inspected them all, he announced that he has chosen the servant’s daughter to become his new wife.

All the other girls began to protest, saying that he had chosen the only one of them who had not managed to grow any plant at all.

Then the prince calmly explained the reasoning behind the challenge: ‘This young woman was the only one who cultivated the flower that made her worthy of becoming the empress: the flower of honesty. You see, all the seeds I handed out were sterile, and nothing could ever have grown from them.’


This story was shared in a company email here at our office.  I obviously didn’t not write this, but I do not know the origin of the story either.

Honesty is always the best policy.

AZCOMP Core Value #1: We Deliver Phenomenal

We Deliver Phenomenal – Core Value #1

If it’s not PHENOMENAL it’s not AZCOMP!


We take our core values pretty serious.  Serious enough that if employees can’t demonstrate that they fit in with our core values, they either feel uncomfortable enough about it and leave on their own, or we might have a heart-to-heart and let them know that they aren’t a good fit here at AZCOMP.  We do our best to  determine up front if they demonstrate our core values, and we also discuss our core values with a potential employee and make sure they understand what that means to us.

The first core value of AZCOMP is to deliver PHENOMENAL.

What is Phenomenal? It’s extraordinary, exceptional, exceedingly—No, unbelievably great!! A few other words to describe it are: astounding, extraordinary, fantastic, marvelous, miraculous, outstanding, rare, remarkable, sensational, singular, surpassing, uncommon, unique, unparalleled, unprecedented, unusual, wondrous! There is no better word than Phenomenal to describe who we are and what we expect every member of our team to deliver to all those we are so privileged to work with as clients, partners and co-workers.

From the products we choose to endorse, to the employees we hire, to the services we provide; our commitment to deliver PHENOMENAL effects every decision we make. For us it means treating every situation the way we would want to be treated- with no excuses, and no exceptions. It’s the can-do attitude that every member of our team brings to work every day with a pledge to “do” rather than merely “try” because we know what is at stake if we fail. It’s taking ownership and never passing the buck. It is our commitment that we are here for the long haul, that we have your back, and that simply being good isn’t good enough—it’s gotta be PHENOMENAL!

azcomp customer service

Is this even possible?

It is true, we think that we do an amazing job at this….and we preach to our employees to deliver this….but ultimately we are not the ones that decide if we are phenomenal or not.  We do our best and then let you decide.  And when we fall short, we figure out a way to deliver PHENOMENAL the next time.

azcomp technologies is phenomenal

Sampling of Customer Reviews

“AZCOMP always has a stress free response that puts me at ease and I know they are taking care of the situation.”
– Joseph Rotella, MD

“Russ is awesome… I have been with the practice for 2+ years and spoken to a number of other re-sellers about my issues regarding printing reports and waiting for nearly an hour for a report to generate.  A number of attempts, suggestions, and adjustments have been done to my system with no resolution.  Today you fixed that problem.  For the 1st time in over 2 years I was able to run a practice analysis report w/ practice totals and print it out in less than 5 minutes!  You rock Russ!!!”
– Kris, Muir Obgyn Medical

“Byron is just awesome, he should have an awesome sticker because he knows our environment and works so great with me and our staff.  The computers bow to him and do his will.”
– Leslie, Colon & Rectal Surgeon Limited

” The AZCOMP team as always…excellent service!!  We feel like AZCOMP is family.  Problem resolution is fast and efficient and the techs are superior to any we have worked with in the past.  We are constantly recommending you to fellow physicians who are still “thinking” about going to EMR.  Kudos!”
– Carol, Nedra J. Harrison, MD

Need New Software… or Medisoft/Lytec Training… or Tech Support… or IT Services?

This post isn’t really meant to be a pitch to buy anything…we just want you to know who we are over here at AZCOMP Technologies.  However, if you feel like you could benefit a little bit or a lot from Core Value #1 – We Deliver Phenomenal, then by all means we wont get in your way.