Physician-Patient Communication Just Got Easier

Life can get in the way and an appointment that was made 3 months ago might be the last thing on your patients mind.

But let’s face it, sometimes there are those patients (guilty, here!) who might even forget the appointment they made last week. What if I told you that no shows and empty waiting rooms could be a thing of the past? What if physician and patient communication could be much easier?

AutoRemind New Features

AutoRemind has come up with a solution to help your practice serve your patients better. With their new two-way texting feature, it allows you to effectively and conveniently communicate with  your patients. On average, providers are spending 3-5 minutes on the phone per client, to remind them of appointments they have coming up. Two-Way Texting literally knocks that time down to mere seconds. Imagine all the time you’d save?

But, what are the benefits?

 1. No more phone tag

Trying to catch patients on the phone can be tedious when you are juggling other tasks to help your practice run smoothly. Sometimes this sort of communication turns into a game of phone tag, and could even end in a voicemail that may or may not be understood. With two-way texting, you have the ability to get an immediate response from your patient.

2. No more gaps in your schedule

Two way texting will allow you to reach out to specific patients who may want to be on a ‘next available’ list. With this new feature, you can let patients know you have an opening and they can let you know if that works for them.

3. No more random numbers

AutoRemind assigns you a specific number for you to use for your texting services. This number can be featured on your website or business card for patients to text if they have a specific question about an appointment, a reschedule, etc.

4. No more robotic communication

This feature allows you to take a friendly, more personalized approach to your appointment reminders instead of a just a blanket statement. This text can be read on your patients own time and it’s not intrusive, allowing the patient and provider to engage in dialog – not just a “C” to confirm the appointment.

The best way to remind your patients of their appointments is to integrate AutoRemind with Medisoft.

You can try before you buy! Visit our website to sign up for a 30 day free trial of any or all of the AutoRemind services. Zero out of pocket cost. No Contract. No risk. Just give it a try.

Interested in seeing how it works integrated with Medisoft? Check out our upcoming demo in August. Register online today!

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Automated Eligibility Verification – The Most Efficient Way to Perform the Most Critical Step in Medical Billing

If you’re not checking eligibility, you’re running the risk that you won’t get paid for services and we have a PHENOMENAL way to do it!

Nobody wants to work for free! But that is exactly what happens when a patient is seen and the claim for services rendered is uncollectible because the patient didn’t have coverage. The cost of that service extends beyond just the providers time, it extends to the staff that took time to schedule and check the patient in and out, the nurses and medical assistants, and billers that took time to send out the claim. Which is why the most critical step in medical billing is to verify patient eligibility prior to the patient ever being seen, and there is a good, better and best way to do it!

Let’s start with when to check eligibility:

  • New Patients – When a new patient calls to schedule an appointment the first thing an office should do is ask for insurance information and run an eligibility check to verify coverage. It’s not just good for the practice, it’s a matter of good customer service. No patient wants to find out after the fact that the practice doesn’t take their insurance or that they are out of network. Having information regarding coverage and the deductible allows practices to have up-front conversations with new patients so they can make informed decisions.
  • Scheduled Appointments – There are so many factors that can impact changes in healthcare coverage. Lost jobs, employers changing insurance companies, employees selecting a different option offered by their employer, deciding to switch coverage to a spouses plan, and on and on. These changes can come at any time. Because appointments can be scheduled months in advance, whether you are seeing a new or existing patient it is a best practice to verify eligibility for every scheduled appointment a few days in advance of the appointment. This allows the practice time to address changes in eligibility with a patient prior to seeing them. And just as a tip- if the appointment falls on the first day of the month it’s always a good idea to check it again that day because most plans term on the last day of the month.

Now, we can talk about the different ways to verify eligibility:

Good: Call the insurance company to verify. The down side of this method is that it can take a lot of staff time, it can be frustrating to patients (imagine the first impression it makes when the staff either needs to put a new patient on hold or telling them you will call them back once you have verified eligibility), and there is a high risk that it won’t get done. Even if you have a dedicated staff member to make calls for all of the scheduled appointments it’s pretty common for them to get interrupted with other duties or get stuck waiting on hold making it difficult to complete the list.

Better: Verify eligibility online. Many insurance companies allow you to verify insurance through their website, or through a clearinghouse. While this is more efficient than calling the insurance and getting stuck on hold, it is still a manual process to go to the site or clearinghouse and key in the information. The impact of this method is the drain on staff time, potentially lower patient satisfaction, and a high risk that it won’t be completed 100% of the time.

Best: Real-time and Scheduled Eligibility checking directly from Medisoft.  When you couple Change Healthcare clearinghouse and Medisoft together you unlock the real power of automation because everything is tightly integrated directly into Medisoft. For example, when registering a new patient you can enter the insurance information and with the click of a button do a real-time eligibility check. Eligibility information is pulled right back into Medisoft for viewing. No leaving the window, making phone calls, or re-entering the same patient demographic and insurance information all over again on another site! Real-time checks can also be done when scheduling existing patients to verify the insurance on file is up to date. What about all those scheduled appointments? Medisoft can automatically run eligibility for an entire day of appointments all at once a few days in advance so you know which patients still have coverage and which ones to reach out to before they come. 

If you’re practice is ready to run at it’s best and automate just one more step in checking eligibility, this video is for you!

Now that you see how easy that can be, we want you to know first hand some of the ways our customers are saving on setting up scheduled eligibility through Medisoft.

  • Save time by not being on the phone for hours
  • Save the hassle of rescheduling and cancelling appointments
  • Save money on sending statements

We can show you 6 different ways this clearinghouse will legitimately save you boatloads of time and money in Medisoft – check the link out for yourself.

Give us a call today!

We know first hand how scary it can be to switch to a new clearinghouse, and Medisoft is your solution to making life a bit easier. We’ve helped hundreds of practices make the switch and we’ll make it a quick and painless process.

Call us today to ask your questions, to get the details, and to discuss the process for moving from your current clearinghouse to the RIGHT clearinghouse. Let us help you get to a place where you can enjoy extra time, a streamlined and simple electronic claims process, and maximized revenue.

AZCOMP Technologies – the #1 eMDs reseller for Medisoft since 2005.

We are the ultimate source for all things Medisoft. Whatever your question or problem or need with Medisoft, we can help you. AZCOMP can help with sales, training, coaching, installation, support, EHR, add-on tools such as the Medisoft preferred clearinghouse, or patient statements, patient payments, appointment reminders and more.

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A Better User Experience for Secondary Claims

More often than not, after your patient has been seen, they will provide you with two types of insurance: primary and secondary.

Most practices are billing secondary insurance as a courtesy for the patient.

So if a patient comes into your office with multiple forms of insurance, this can be cringe worthy for billers who know the process behind getting these claims to the clearinghouse. In previous verisons on Medisoft, secondary claims were difficult and many practices had to maneuver through multiple screens and two separate claims management systems to process these claims. After many clicks, and flip flopping, the biller could then find the critical information they were looking for.

This long awaited change has been made in the new version of Medisoft v23, where you will now have everything you need within Revenue Management so you can effectively manage secondary claims. Information is made easier to monitor and find, which can save you time and you can get paid faster.

Let’s break it down into some ways this is helpful:

Implement Time Savers

Saving time is so valuable to a billers schedule, because reducing just one click could mean reducing thousands within your week. Imagine how this could change your workflow to become more efficient?

Easily Identify Important Info

With this feature, you can easily identify secondary payer claims, whether they are electronic or paper, and displaying your claim type right on the grid. You no longer have to click through different systems to find the data you need.

More Productive Workflow

If you are constantly having to manually intervene on claims, you are probably not productive in your workflow. Usability with this new feature will help cut down on your manual work and secondary claims won’t carry as much of a bad reputation as before.

We’ve put together a short video to help you see how this new version of Medisoft v23 allows you to have all the information needed directly from within Medisoft and your remittance screen, enabling you to quickly and easily send those claims out.

Watch this video!

Upgrade to Medisoft v23!

Hopefully now, we have you on board with this time saving feature. If you’re thinking this could help your practice, there are many more useful features in the new Medisoft v23. Check out this webpage to upgrade today! Be sure to give us a call to learn more and get a custom quote for your v23 upgrade.

AZCOMP Technologies – the Number 1 eMDs reseller for Medisoft since 2005.

We are the ultimate source for all things Medisoft. Whatever your question or problem or need with Medisoft, we can help you. AZCOMP can help with sales, training, coaching, installation, support, EHR, add-on tools such as the Medisoft preferred clearinghouse, or patient statements, patient payments, appointment reminders and more.

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Huge Fix for Statement Notes in Medisoft v23

We all know that Medisoft is a great billing program, but there are certain things that can be a real source of frustration for billers.

One of those is the fact that there is only 1 field for entering any sort of notes regarding transactions in a patient statement.

Sometimes the biller wants to write down some internal notes that the patient shouldn’t see. Sometimes the biller needs to write in information about a rejection or denial or partial payment from the insurance company. Sometimes there are other notes that need to be made, but where are they supposed to go? We know this causes a lot of challenges for Medisoft users.

In the newest version of Medisoft, this all gets fixed (plus, some bells and whistles, too).

In Medisoft Version 23, there are now 3 separate fields for notes:

  1. Notes that can get applied to the statement sent to patients
  2. Internal Notes
  3. Custom Notes that you feel would fit your practice

This alone should solve a lot of problems, save a lot of time, and make life easier for a lot of billers. But, it gets even better!

Now, Medisoft will auto-apply notes from the insurance carrier. It is just a one-time setup for all the reason codes in your office and then every time you get information back from the insurance carrier, Medisoft will automatically put that into the correct field and it will show up on your statements you sent to the patient.

For example, if a patient is treated and you submit a claim to the insurance carrier, and that claim is rejected because it is not covered, the insurance carrier will provide a code for that rejection with an explanation. That code will trigger Medisoft to apply a pre-written note by you (the biller) into a statement that you end up sending to the patient. This is going to be a huge time saver for you and adds a real nice layer of convenience to help you get much more done in a lot less time. You’re going to love it.

Check out this recently recorded webinar where our trainer shows some details inside Medisoft to help you understand this better:

Communication is key and being able to have the confidence that the statement you are sending to patients is an accurate one, is going to greatly reduce the amount of calls you receive to have to explain what is on the statement, and you’re going to have happy billers, happy customers, and that eventually means more income for your practice.

Upgrade to Medisoft v23!

If you think this new feature could help your practice, there are many more just as helpful features in the new Medisoft v23 (you can learn all about it on this webpage), and you should upgrade today! Be sure to give us a call to learn more and get a custom quote for your v23 upgrade.

AZCOMP Technologies – the Number 1 eMDs reseller for Medisoft since 2005.

We are the ultimate source for all things Medisoft. Whatever your question or problem or need with Medisoft, we can help you. AZCOMP can help with sales, training, coaching, installation, support, EHR, add-on tools such as the Medisoft preferred clearinghouse, or patient statements, patient payments, appointment reminders and more.

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Cloud Hosting

Medisoft Cloud Hosting

Medisoft Hosting by AZCOMP provides you the benefits of hosted software without the hassle of purchasing, configuring, maintaining, or supporting the hardware!

How To Grow Your Business With Technology

How To Grow Your Business With Technology

Today the business environment is more competitive than ever before, and one of the ways that organizations are attempting to overtake others in their industry is through the use of strategic technology solutions. By effectively leveraging productivity tools, employees can collaborate in never before seen ways and exceed all expectations.

Due to this increase in competition, there has been more of a demand for productivity-increasing software, especially in more recent years. Small businesses can implement task management applications and other productivity software to great effect, allowing them to better manage their workforce and allow for company growth in the long run. Here are three ways that productivity technology can help your business grow and achieve spectacular results.


Cloud-Based Productivity Applications

The cloud allows for access to important productivity tools, like Microsoft Office 365 and Google’s G-Suite, from any location with an Internet connection. The cloud is great for any application that many people need to access, simply because they don’t need the application installed on their desktop. All they need is credentials to access it in their web browser through an Internet connection, which offers employees the flexibility to work anywhere at any time.


Communication Applications

When work is being done from multiple locations, you need communications solutions to keep in touch with project teams and anyone with their hands on a project. Solutions such as email, instant messaging, and conferencing allow employees to get more out of meetings and keep each other up to date on the progress of a project. It can make all the difference when ensuring that a project is finished on time and on budget.


Project and Task Management Applications

Having a clear-cut list of what needs to be done for a project or implementation process can be incredibly important in the face of deadlines. This software allows your employees to stay on task, and ensure that project managers can meet all obligations in time and on budget. Otherwise, you’re merely assuming that work will be done properly, when in reality it could be done improperly or get out of control.

No two businesses are created equal, so often solutions like these need to be carefully vetted between those that manage your company and those that manage your IT.

If your business wants to take productivity to the next level and create more opportunities for growth in the future, AZCOMP Technologies can help. To learn more about how your organization can get its hands on great tools like these, reach out to us at 480-730-3055.

Technology Issues Every Business Must Plan For

Every Business Must Plan for these Technology Issues

Managing a business is difficult enough without technology issues complicating the way of operations. Here are a few common issues that have been known to cause problems for businesses more than they should.

Data leaks and security issues: Considering the vast number of businesses with valuable data out there to steal, many decision makers fall into a false sense of security by thinking that their company will be overlooked on account of its size. As a result, these companies may have substandard or outdated security solutions put in place that simply are not adequate protection for the data they have.

These companies are often prone to have their data compromised because of their lax security, damaging their reputation and, by extension, the business itself. After all, if you were doing business with a company and they allowed your credit card information to be compromised, would you feel inclined to continue doing business with them?

Inadequate hardware and software: It only makes sense that many companies will put off buying hardware until they absolutely to. However, this strategy is risky, and will much more likely end up costing these companies more over time.

Not only is it more difficult to repair older hardware, as the components involved will become harder to find and more expensive to purchase, but it becomes dangerous to neglect updating software. This is because software is regularly updated by its developers to resist newly discovered vulnerabilities and other serious issues, and without these updates, your systems will still be exposed to these dangerous vulnerabilities.

Also, while a software developer might provide tools and or instructions for moving from an older version of their application to the next, it may become drastically more difficult to pull your data over from a more ancient version that is several iterations behind.

No backup: It’s amazing how much damage lost data can do to a business. 60 percent of small business that suffer from data loss have to shut down within six months, and only 57 percent of medium-sized businesses reopen after experiencing a major data-loss incident.

These outcomes could be mitigated with a properly managed backup solution, but too many companies either find it to be an unnecessary, expense or simply aren’t as diligent in taking a backup as they need to be. The best backup solutions are those that each day and store the data offsite.

We also firmly believe that an unmanaged, unmonitored backup is about as good as no backup at all. If your backup isn’t being regularly maintained and tested, you have no idea if it’s even doing its job.

Insufficient IT support: Consider how many people you currently have on your staff as an IT resource. Chances are, if you wanted them to work on projects to drive business forward and properly service the equipment in your office, you might find your current in-house resources aren’t enough. The simple answer would be hiring more IT staff, but this isn’t a reality for many companies.

Fortunately, there is an option that can fulfill all these needs and then some–a managed service provider. A good MSP will ensure that your infrastructure and software solutions are optimized to your needs, and maintain your security as well as your backup solution in case of emergency. With an MSP, you will never be short on support for your IT needs.

AZCOMP Technologies can be that MSP for you. Give us a call at 480-730-3055 to get started today!

Automating Payments in Medisoft

How to Automate Payments In Medisoft

Eliminate the headaches and save time by automating your Billing and Payment Systems with the new StoredPay and PlanPay!

In this segment from our Medisoft-U Training series, we will be reviewing how to use StoredPay and Planpay in Medisoft.


FREE Medisoft Training Webinars

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Technology Tip: Google Maps Parking Assistant

Google Maps is the Parking Assistant You Didn’t Know You Needed!

We’ve all been there before: you’re walking out into the parking lot, in a hurry to get somewhere, and cannot for the life of you remember where you parked. While this used to be a time-wasting problem for many, Google has added a feature to Google Maps that allows you to avoid the desperate race against the clock to get to your vehicle in time to get to your next destination.
Adding on to the parking availability feature that Google rolled out recently, you can now save the exact location of your parking space for future reference, taking notes or even pictures to better remind you where you left your vehicle.



To use this feature:

  • Open Maps on your mobile device
  • Tap the Blue Location Dot on the displayed map
  • Select Save your parking

Doing this will not only save your car’s current location, but will also remind you via your notification pane. As we mentioned before, it also allows you to snap some photos and jot down a few notes to help remind you of where your car is located. If your car is by a parking meter, you can even add a timed alert to make sure you don’t run over and wind up with a fine.

So, what do you think? Will this feature save you some time and stress?

It Services

Cyber Security Webinar

“One in Five Small Businesses Fall Victim To Cybercrime Each Year- and That Number is Growing!”

-National Cyber Security Alliance


Join us for our FREE Cyber Security Webinar

Protecting yourself and your business from Cybercrime is becoming a more serious concern each year, but also getting more difficult to do. Everyone knows they need to get a plan in place but so few people really understand what it takes to get protected. We invite you to attend a FREE Cyber Security Webinar that will help you understand what you need to do to protect yourself and your business. On February 15th we’ll be hosting a live and free event to help get your business protected.

Here is a little bit about what we’ll cover in the webinar:

  • The #1 security threat to your business that antivirus, firewalls and other security protocols are defenseless against.
  • A SHOCKING truth about bank fraud that most businesses don’t know about that could (literally) wipe out your bank account.
  • How Mobile Phones and Cloud Apps are seriously jeopardizing your security and data protection- and what you need to do to protect yourself.
  • Why firewalls and antivirus software give you a false sense of security- and what it REALLY takes to protect your organization against new threats and today’s sophisticated cyber crime rings.
  • And More…

Cyber Security Webinar Registration

Cyber Security Webinar Registration Page

The webinar is free, but registration is required. Go to our website to get all the details of the training and find out more on how to register. The webinar will be held on Wednesday, February 15th at 12:30 AZ Time. Be sure to register and mark your calendars today!

Cyber Security Webinar Registration