Solution: Unable to connect to McKesson for product authorization

Problem or Issue

McKesson cannot authenticate the serial number of the product for networked versions of Medisoft of Lytec. These include:
• Medisoft Network Professional
• Lytec Client/Server


There are two possible causes:
• Medisoft or Lytec cannot reach the authentication server using the Internet, or
• Medisoft or Lytec cannot authenticate within a certain timeframe due to high Internet usage or network usage.


1.  Download the following file and extract to your desktop: PHConnectionTest

2.  PHConnectionTest.exe can be run from any location on either the server machine, or any client workstation connected to the application’s data server.

Note: Complete this process on each workstation that has Medisoft or Lytec installed if they experience similar problems in the future.

3.  Prior to running the PHConnectionTest.exe, close any running instances of Medisoft or Lytec on the workstation.

4.  Double-click PHConnectionTest.exe to start the PHConnectionTest application.

5.  Click the Start Connection Test button to allow the PHConnectionTest application to perform some quick network diagnostics. The results will appear indicating whether the connection tests have passed or failed. This will aid Support in troubleshooting network connectivity issues.

phconnect test6.   Click the Make sure CheckActive2 Is Installed button. A confirmation screen appears. All installations of Medisoft and Lytec on the workstation will be identified, and, if currently running, will be closed. In addition, all installations of Medisoft and Lytec will be updated.

phconnect27.  Click the Yes button. The Update Succeeded screen appears. In the screen sample below, both instances of Medisoft and Lytec were updated.


8.  Click the OK button to complete the process.

9.  If the application still cannot authenticate the serial number, you will see the McKesson Product Authentication screen.


Note: This screen sample is for Lytec. A similar screen for Medisoft will appear with a unique link for Medisoft.

10.  Follow the directions on this screen to unlock the application for 90 days. If necessary, connect to the indicated URL by a different machine that has Internet access. This can be any workstation, tablet, smart phone, and so on

11.  On the Product Authentication screen, enter the challenge code and click Retrieve PIN. Enter the five-digit PIN into the Product Authentication screen within Medisoft/Lytec