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AZCOMP Introduces Medisoft U: Smart Business Series

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The Smart Business Series is a host of FREE webinars designed with your practice in mind to help create efficiency and increase revenue.

We understand that you’re running a business and have tons of challenges. After partnering with small practices for over 19 years, we’ve found tons of solutions and ideas to help your practice run more efficiently and become more profitable.

Go beyond using 10% of Medisoft

Medisoft University already offers a huge library of training videos showing you how to master the basics and advanced areas of Medisoft. Hands-down, our customers are happier and do better at their jobs when they are properly trained – that’s why we created Medisoft University. This portal now offers more than just training videos. We are now able to offer the Smart Business Series that goes beyond just ‘getting-by’ on your program, and brings you relevant hot topics our customers request. You can access Medisoft University whenever you want, and videos are available for the basic user to the more advanced user – allowing you ALL the training you need and want!

Our purpose at AZCOMP is to empower small practices to deliver the best care – and this section of videos in our Medisoft University portal really focuses on the business side of your practice. You’ll love the gems you find in these videos and you’re practice will never be the same after implementing even one of these ideas.

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Sign up today for our Smart Business Series and Medisoft University access. Ask your account manager to give you FULL ACCESS and start receiving the benefits today by calling us at (480) 730-3055 or visiting us at to see what’s coming up.

AZCOMP Technologies – the #1 eMDs reseller for Medisoft since 2005.

We are the ultimate source for all things Medisoft. Whatever your question or problem or need with Medisoft, we can help you. AZCOMP can help with sales, training, coaching, installation, support, EHR, add-on tools such as the Medisoft preferred clearinghouse, or patient statements, patient payments, appointment reminders and more.

For more information, visit our website here:

Be sure to call us at (877) 959-8292 for all your Medisoft and healthcare technology needs

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We absolutely love helping businesses eliminate the frustrations of technology, increase employee productivity through the effective use of process and strategy, and help businesses get organized and thrive in the way they’ve always hoped for.

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