Sending ICD-10 Test Claims

The next few months will be the most important in regards to ICD-10 preparedness. Medicare has published studies that say that less than 5% are taking the change seriously, you don’t want that to be you! One way that you can avoid that is by sending test files to your clearinghouse and payers. This is only required if your payers request it, however it is an option to all offices who are on Medisoft V19 or Lytec 2014. Below you will find detailed instructions on how to send a test batch:

1.  Verify with your clearinghouse and payers that they are accepting testing

2.  Change the insurances that you are going to be test with to ICD-10



3.  Prepare the claims and pull them up in Revenue Management

4.  In Revenue Management select the corresponding receiver and select test mode under the  transaction set dropdown


5.  Send your claims out like you normally would using Revenue Management

6.  Refer to step #2 & #4 and change the insurances back to ICD-9 and uncheck the test mode

NOTICE: Production claims (claims that get paid) will not be accepted until October 1, 2014





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