Reconnect Revenue Management

How To Reconnect Revenue Management To Your Medisoft Database

If you have previously been setup with Revenue Management and are connecting for the first time on a computer you will need to connect it to your Medisoft database. This is a fairly simple process that goes as follows:

1) Select Revenue Management from the Activities drop down menu
2) You will be presented with Create, Connect, or Cancel
3) Select connect and it will prompt you to browse to your Medidata folder
4) Once you have found this you will need to open the RMData folder found within the Medidata folder
5) Inside the RMData folder you will select the CMDBlist

Congratulations, you have successfully connected your Revenue Management! You may also need to update your individual workstation’s version of Revenue Management which can be done from your start screen (see the example of where this is in the image below).

reconnect rm

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