Practice Choice – Post Update Tips and Tricks

What To Do After A McKesson Practice Choice Update

After a Practice Choice update, it is best to clear your internet browser cache for optimum performance.

Here are the steps to accomplish this in Internet Explorer.

  1. Select the tool gear wheel icon on the Internet Explorer (IE) window menu in the upper tight hand corner of the window.
    screen shot - tools icon in internet explorer
  2. Select “Internet Options”.
    screen shot - internet options in internet explorer
  3. Under the General Tab, select the “Delete” button under the “Browsing History” section.
    screen shot - internet options delete button
  4. Once you select Delete, a new window will pop up giving you options on what you want to delete.
    1. Make sure the boxes are checked for the following items:
      1. Temporary Internet Files
      2. Cookies
      3. History
    2. Make sure that this box is UNCHECKED
      1. Preserve Favorite Website Data
    3. Then click the “Delete” button at the bottom of the window.
      screen shot - delete browsing history internet explorer
  5. Now you will see the Internet Tools window again. Click on the “Settings” button under the “Browsing History section.
    screen shot - internet options settings button
  6. Now click on the “View Files” button at the bottom of the window.
    screen shot - internet options view files
  7. A new window will pop up showing you the files stored in your browsing history. If the window is blank, then you have properly deleted all of your temporary internet files. If there are any files shown, then select them and delete them.
  8. Last step. Close your Internet Explorer browser window. Then, re-open Internet Explorer and go to the McKesson Practice Choice Login page and log back into your Practice Choice application.


An exception has occurred. Your browser must be restarted. For more information, please contact your support representative.”

Here are the steps to allowing them to get into Practice Choice:
 (these are computer specific)

1. Select Tools at the top of your browser (IE 8) or the Cog icon in the upper right of your browser (IE 9) and then select Internet Options
2. On the options screen, select the Delete button in the browsing history section
3. On the next window, select the following options:
Make sure that the “Preserve the website data” box is UNCHECKED
Temporary internet files
4. Select DELETE to clear out these files
5. Also, to ensure that all of the proper files have been deleted, please select “Settings” on the browsing history sections
6. Click on view files on this window
7. All of the remaining temporary files will then be displayed. Then, do the keystroke combination of CTRL + A to select all of these files.
8. Either select File/Delete at the top left of your window or just simply select the Delete key on your computer’s keyboard. This will ensure that
all temporary files have been removed from the offending computer.
9. Close all open internet browser sessions.
10. Reopen your Practice Choice Org in a new browser window.