Physician-Patient Communication Just Got Easier

Life can get in the way and an appointment that was made 3 months ago might be the last thing on your patients mind.

But let’s face it, sometimes there are those patients (guilty, here!) who might even forget the appointment they made last week. What if I told you that no shows and empty waiting rooms could be a thing of the past? What if physician and patient communication could be much easier?

AutoRemind New Features - AZCOMP Technologies

AutoRemind has come up with a solution to help your practice serve your patients better. With their new two-way texting feature, it allows you to effectively and conveniently communicate with  your patients. On average, providers are spending 3-5 minutes on the phone per client, to remind them of appointments they have coming up. Two-Way Texting literally knocks that time down to mere seconds. Imagine all the time you’d save?

But, what are the benefits?

 1. No more phone tag

Trying to catch patients on the phone can be tedious when you are juggling other tasks to help your practice run smoothly. Sometimes this sort of communication turns into a game of phone tag, and could even end in a voicemail that may or may not be understood. With two-way texting, you have the ability to get an immediate response from your patient.

2. No more gaps in your schedule

Two way texting will allow you to reach out to specific patients who may want to be on a ‘next available’ list. With this new feature, you can let patients know you have an opening and they can let you know if that works for them.

3. No more random numbers

AutoRemind assigns you a specific number for you to use for your texting services. This number can be featured on your website or business card for patients to text if they have a specific question about an appointment, a reschedule, etc.

4. No more robotic communication

This feature allows you to take a friendly, more personalized approach to your appointment reminders instead of a just a blanket statement. This text can be read on your patients own time and it’s not intrusive, allowing the patient and provider to engage in dialog – not just a “C” to confirm the appointment.

The best way to remind your patients of their appointments is to integrate AutoRemind with Medisoft.

You can try before you buy! Visit our website to sign up for a 30 day free trial of any or all of the AutoRemind services. Zero out of pocket cost. No Contract. No risk. Just give it a try.

Interested in seeing how it works integrated with Medisoft? Check out our upcoming demo in August. Register online today!

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