Operations Have Changed, But Our Mission Remains the Same

We’re Facing Change Head-on and We Can Help You Face It, Too!

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These days, people will be quick to tell you that the world is changing. And in many ways, there’s a lot of truth to that statement. The ripple effects of this new virus are far-reaching, causing people to adapt in ways that they’ve never had to consider before. AZCOMP is no exception to that. But behind the changes to how we do things, there’s something that remains the same: the reasons why we do things.

Our Mission as a Business is Identical to Yours.

We want to provide phenomenal service because we know that the well-being of many depends on it. We help medical professionals with their technology so they’re able to provide their patients with the medical services they need to stay healthy. When COVID-19 threatened to change the way our mission might be achieved, it was admittedly terrifying for everyone. But it’s been incredible to see that those changes haven’t gotten the best of us because the motivation behind what we do has remained untouched.

What we’ve discovered is that being productively collaborative is all about our willingness to communicate.

– Keven Cluff (General Manager)

Remote work can be a daunting prospect for businesses that are so collaborative. But what we’ve discovered is that being productively collaborative is all about our willingness to communicate. At AZCOMP, that willingness has not changed, no matter where each member of our team is located. Being dedicated to continued communication has allowed us to help our customers set up their own remote work systems and continue providing services to their patients.

When a medical office closes, it doesn’t mean patients can stop treatment or cancel consultations. There has to be a way for doctors to continue providing care even when they aren’t able to see their patients in person. Our team understood the importance of that fact from the moment the playing field changed, and we’ve taken on the responsibility of making sure medical professionals can still do the things their patients need them to do.

We’ve been helping offices set up telehealth services that allow doctors to continue “seeing” their patients and provide treatment plans. We’ve also helped practices set up systems so their internal communication can flourish. During this tumultuous time, no patient wants to feel like they’ve been forgotten about, and that’s why it’s been so important for medical offices to find a way to communicate en masse. Doing so may require the implementation of a whole new system, but if there’s one thing that all these scenarios have taught us, it’s that learning how to adapt may pave the way for exciting innovations in the future.

Our reason for wanting to help you hasn’t changed, no matter how much the world might be trying to change it.

– Keven Cluff (General Manager)

Throughout this journey, we’ve learned a lot of things we didn’t expect to learn about ourselves and our team. Going through a mental shift about the work you do, and going through it quickly is a challenge. But we’ve faced those challenges head-on and are ready to help you face them too. So, if you haven’t quite figured out how to adapt our office into a productive remote-work atmosphere or if you have new systems or software that you’d like to try, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us. That’s what we’re here for, just like before. Our reason for wanting to help you hasn’t changed, no matter how much the world might be trying to change it.

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