Not Wanted: Know-it-all Corporate Lackies Who Love Titles & Love To Wait For Direction

AZCOMP Technologies is looking for the following person to make an impact in our company and for our customers. If you are this person, awesome. If not, do you know this person? If you know this person, forward this post to them so we can chat with them.

Even if you aren’t this person but are curious of who we are at AZCOMP and what type of person we are looking for, then read on…

Technical Support Jedi for EMR/Medical Software

Great! You found and are reading our job posting. This is a great opportunity for the right person who is dynamic, fun loving, and hard working to join our marvelous team. If you are the right person for the job, fantastic. Please read on.


We are looking for a technical support “Jedi” to provide technical assistance to our customers as they use their medical based software (EMR, Practice Management). In short, you resolve problems.  The more problems you resolve, the better our customers, the Doctors of the country, can provide care for their patients. In all reality, you impact people’s lives.

We are looking for the right person to have:

  • A passion and determination to get the job done
  • A likeable, fun, and hard-working personality
  • An Ability to change and adapt – seriously, things move quick around here
  • A desire to help customers and deliver phenomenal service
  • A love for technology
  • A need to work for a company with a real purpose behind them

The wrong person will possess:

  • A know-it-all attitude
  • The ability to always wait for direction
  • A love for corporate structure
  • A desire for mid-level management
  • A smart phone with no apps installed

In turn, we will provide:

  • A great place to work
  • Challenges and opportunities
  • Awesome coworkers
  • Competitive compensation
  • Stability
  • Medical and dental coverage, paid holidays, paid vacation, paid sick days, 401k



Business is booming for us. Really, it’s busy – and we like it that way. We keep on our toes. Get ready to change and evolve as we strive to be cutting edge and take advantage of new technologies. This position is ever developing, changing, and advancing like the technologies we implement for our customers.

Get ready to learn a ton! We provide and support EMR and Patient Accounting software to medical offices. We service hundreds of medical offices not only here in AZ, but around the country. We feel that the work we do in keeping their technology humming along helps empower them to deliver better care for their patients. Our customers range from very small (5 employees) to medium (50 employees) with multiple branch offices. The environments range in complexity. This position is responsible for resolving technical support issues with the medical software, troubleshooting issues, and communicating with customers. In short, we are responsible for keeping our end client’s systems running so they can help their patients. We keep things hopping around here.


  • Personal core values similar to ours (see below).
  • Organized, detail oriented and self-motivated.
  • Talk nerdy to me–er, all of us. Know your stuff and talk about it confidently, accurately, and honestly.
  • Provide and maintain detailed documentation on each job.
  • Ability to rock the mic like a vandal. Okay, maybe not rap, but you do have to be able to communicate extremely well – both in voice and written. Talk geek to us, we love it, just not the customer.
  • Ability to remain in contact with the client thru the completion of the incident.
  • Problem-solving abilities and ability to meet reasonable deadlines.
  • Be detail-oriented. Know how to soar at 30,000 feet but also be comfortable diving into the details and getting those hands dirty.
  • Willingness to develop professionally – we goin’ places.
  • Love to laugh. If you take yourself too seriously, then avert your eyes from this description now. That being said, you should absolutely take your job seriously.
  • Oh yeah, and a desire to contribute to an awesome team and culture.
  • Live for technology – seriously, you read technology blogs for fun. We want someone who has passion for technology and wants to use it to better our customers and this company.
  • Be organized, ahead of schedule, communicative, accountable–in short, own your role entirely, while being open to critiques, suggestions, and new ideas.
  • Play really nice with others. We’re a tight-knit, highly collaborative team, and we keep it that way.
  • Experience in technical support is preferred, but not required.
  • General knowledge of Microsoft based software.
  • Medical/EMR software knowledge is preferred, but not required.
  • Experience with Medisoft, Lytec, or McKesson is huge plus.


  • Job opening is available immediately
  • Office is located in Gilbert (Cooper & Elliot)
  • Full time position
  • Entry to medium level. Pay starts at $12-$17/hour DOE



  1. Take this test & send us your scores to
  2. When you email us, let us know the real name of Jack Bauer
  3. If you want to include a resume, fine. Can’t guarantee it will be read. Rather, send 3 results you have created in your life – 3 things you made happen you are proudest of.



AZCOMP Technologies, Inc. has been a leader in healthcare software and IT for over 12 years. An exciting, innovative company, AZCOMP is renowned for providing a level of service that is unparalleled amongst our competitors. Our dynamic team strives to enhance the customer’s sales, training, and support experience, and is driven to be the best. We are a successful company with solid group of team members that like to laugh and have fun while being successful. We have a great company culture – 30 employees – fun and appreciative boss and coworkers. We have a great balance of personalities so everyone gets along- no office drama! Benefits include medical and dental coverage, paid holidays, paid vacation, paid sick days, 401k.
Since AZCOMP’S inception we have had one ambition- to provide the very best to the people we are so privileged to work with. From the products we choose to endorse, to the employees we hire, to the services we provide- our commitment to provide the best affects every decision we make.

In the late 1960’s a few exec’s at NASA we’re giving a private tour of the facility. While passing a janitor, someone from the tour asked what he did for NASA and the janitor’s response was, “I helped get a man on the moon!” That janitor had a clear understanding that the role he played was part of a much bigger mission. With that same understanding, AZCOMP is not just interested in a support tech. We want someone who is as passionate as we are in helping us empower small medical practices to deliver the best care!

Our Promise to our Customers:
We can’t promise that hardware won’t fail, that software will always function properly, or that we will always be perfect. But we can promise you that we always put measures in place to help minimize your risks. And in the event that something goes wrong, that you can count on us to rise to the occasion, take responsibility, and do everything in our power to either fix it, or deliver an acceptable solution.

AZCOMP Core Values :
1. We deliver PHENOMENAL
2. We work hard, play hard
3. We care about the One
4. We check our egos at the door
5. We chase Mavericks — (We believe challenges are opportunities)
6. We exercise real communication — (Leave the drama with your mama)
7. We do the right thing
8. We surf Jaws — (We innovate and improve)
9. We get our Jack Bauer on! — (We bring Passion and Determination)

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AZCOMP Technologies
We absolutely love helping businesses eliminate the frustrations of technology, increase employee productivity through the effective use of process and strategy, and help businesses get organized and thrive in the way they’ve always hoped for.

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