Medisoft Version 19 Features Intro Video

Medisoft v19 Is The Only Medisoft Version
That is ICD-10 Compatible

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The deadlines for ICD-10 and the new CMS 1500 02/12 form are quickly approaching.  Medisoft version 19 has all the features needed to be compliant with these changes, and is packed with a lot of useful tools to help make the transition for your practice a lot easier.

Here is a quick, less than 4 minute video highlighting some of the features of version 19.  Some of these include a code mapping utility, dual coding ability, ICD-9 error and much more.

If you need to purchase, or if you need additional information on the software, be sure to contact an AZCOMP sales representative at 888-799-4777.  And remember, with your purchase of Medisoft v19, you will get FREE Advanced Training DVD’s (a savings of $499).

Medisoft Version 19 Features Introduction Video


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