Medisoft Lighting Sale

Medisoft V23 Is Now On Sale!

Effective immediately, the Medisoft V23 pre-release Lighting Sale is ongoing, but for a limited time only. When you purchase Medisoft new or as an upgrade, you can get the new version for up to 40% off depending on which version you are on currently.

Medisoft v23 lighting sale - AZCOMP Technologies

Details of The Lightning Sale

When you purchase Medisoft 23 prior to November 2, 2018, you can receive the medical billing program for up to 40% off. Here is how the sale breaks down:

  • If you are currently on Version 22, you will receive 20% off during the sale. Your 1-version upgrade price is always the most affordable compared to any other upgrade price, and you can now get an additional 20% off! Call our office to talk to an account representative about specific pricing for your model (Basic, Advanced or Network Professional).
  • If you are currently on Version 21, you will receive 30% off during the sale. Your 2-version upgrade price is more expensive than the 1-version upgrade, but you’ll get a little better discount during the sale – 30% off!
  • If you are currently on Version 20 or older, you will receive 40% off during the sale! Your 3-version upgrade price is the most expensive upgrade, but you’re getting the biggest percentage off during the sale – 40% off!
  • If you are new to Medisoft, you will also receive a 40% discount during the sale! The price for the software new is more expensive than any upgrade price, but you’re also getting a 40% price cut during the sale!

Medisoft – Powerful, Trusted, Affordable Practice Management

What Is Included With Medisoft V23?

If you would like to know what new features are available in this new release, click on over to our website where we have all the details laid out for you.

This latest release of Medisoft is more powerful than ever before. Medisoft 23 will help your practice become more efficient and productive allowing your practice to collect more and with less effort.

Here are some of the features you can look forward to in this version

  • Insurance card scanning offers new level of convenience
  • Never receive a timely filing denial again!
  • Transaction notes improvements – 3 note fields instead of just 1, and auto-assign statement notes
  • Reduce duplicated patient records with new checking feature
  • Flag problem areas with new color coding functionality in AR Tracker (AR Tracker is a new feature released in version 22)
  • Revenue Manager remittance auto-posting now shows secondary status
  • More flexibility posting patient payments, no matter the method
  • Gain better insights into your data with reporting best practices at your fingertips

Plus, if you’re on an older version, don’t forget about all the new features that were released in v22 and other previous versions!

Get all the details here: Medisoft Version 23 Page

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