Medisoft v19 Support Video: How To Search Reports in Medisoft

Medisoft Support Video – Search For Reports in Medisoft

Medisoft Tips and TricksThere are so many different reports in Medisoft that sometimes it can be confusing how to find the report you are looking for.  You probably know how to do a search for a report but you might not be finding the reports you are looking for.  This video will give you a couple tricks to help you find the reports you are looking for when you search.

If you have any questions or need additional clarification be sure to leave us a comment below.  If you liked the video then be sure to give us a “thumbs-up” in the video.  If you need any additional help with Medisoft please call our support department at 877.799.4777.

Medisoft support video - learn how to effectively search reports in Medisoft.

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