Medisoft Tip of the Week – Printing a zero balance patient statement

How To Print A Zero Balance Patient Statement in Medisoft

In this quick Medisoft support video, we teach you how to open and print a zero balance patient statement in Medisoft.  If you have ever had a patient ask you for a printed statement after they have finished all their work and after everything is paid, you will know that you can’t print them a statement.  We show you here how to get around that.

how to print a zero balance statement in medisoft


Video Transcript:

If you have ever run into a situation where a patient wants a statement printed out of everything that was done, but their account is zero balance, everything is paid, you will not be able to print a statement. Statements won’t print for zero-balance accounts, but there is a way of doing it right out of the transaction screen. You want to go to your print receipt down here at the bottom. When you click on that, you want to choose the walk out receipt with all transactions, and we are just going to print it to the screen for now to see how it looks like.

Here’s a little secret they don’t tell you about. This date range in here is the date range that you want to include on this document, so right now, it’s only going to do stuff that the date range is in between today and today, and if you look here on the record, it’s much older than that. We want to go and capture the oldest date here of 12/6/2009, so we’ll do something like 01/01/2009 so we can make sure to capture everything that’s within that date range. Then click okay. When it comes up, you will see that it takes all three of those lines, all of the payments, everything there, and shows that it’s now all zeroed out. You can go ahead and print this out and give it to the patient.