Medisoft Tip Of The Week – Add Your Logo To Your Statements or Superbill

Medisoft Video – Customize Your Statements and Superbills

Have you ever wanted to add your own look to your statements or superbills?  In this video we show you how to add your own logo to a statement.  The process is the same for superbills.  We show you this one particular way, but once you learn how to do this, you can make another new copy that you can experiment with to give it the perfect look you have always wanted.

We hope this helps!

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customize your statements and superbills by adding company logo in Medisoft - AZCOMP Technologies

Video Transcript:

In this video, we’re going to show you how to add your company logo to either a statement or a super bill. In this example, we’re actually going to be doing it on a statement, so I’m already here in Statement Management. I’m going to go ahead and edit the one we want, so we’re going to go to Reports, Design Custom Reports and Bills and we’re going to open one, and this is the one we would normally use. We’re going to choose this one. First thing we want to do is change the name, so that way if we mess this one up, at least the original’s still going to be there.

We’re going to change this to Payments Deductions so we have enough room in there, we’re going to do it with logo, so I’m just going to do logo. First thing we want to do is add the element, and up here on the top toolbar near the middle are all the elements that you have available and we’re going to go over that in another video down the road, but right now we’re just going to deal with the one here on the end called images. We’re going to click it and plant it right there and open it up by double clicking, and you see we have a nice little blank spot. We’re going to load the image and I have one right here on the desktop that we want and we’re going to stretch that to fulfill the height and length.

We want to fix it so it’s going to be the right size and shape for what we want and we’re going to put it right back here. What we want to do is make this what’s called a watermark. What that means is it’s going to appear behind the text in a nice little grayed out area. As you could see, our graphic here is a little gray. What we want to do is now that we have a place, we’re going to go ahead and choose properties, make sure everything’s good, stretch the image, we’re okay there. We’re going to right click and then send to back.

Now you notice, it is now behind all this, but that also raises another problem because these fields here that are set up here, the practice name and street and such, they’re going to print a white background, so they’re going to cover it up, just like you see here, they’re going to cover up that logo. We want to go and open that up, the practice name by double clicking, and down at the bottom we want to make it transparent background. We want to do that to all the elements that are here and we don’t have to actually double click on them. We can actually also right click and choose properties and that will get us to the same window.

Once that’s all done, all right, we’re going to save it and we’re going to print some statements. Print paper, let’s see here we have our new one, with logo. We’re going to choose that one. We’re going to preview it on the screen so I could see how it’s going to look, and there you go. You could see the nice little logos behind all that printing. That’s how we do it.

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