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Avoid Writing Off Claims with the Medisoft Timely Filing Calculator!

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No more missing deadlines or dealing with denials

Stay on top of Timely Filing deadlines and create a more efficient billing process.

Medisoft Timely Filing Calculator feature will help track the number of days you have to file your insurance claim with an insurance carrier. It is customizable according to each payer’s filing requirements.

With this tool, you will know the latest possible date you can submit a claim without passing the timely filing deadline. Now, you won’t run the risk of missing deadlines to submit those claims, and you’ll also accomplish time management while working on insurance receivables during the filing process.

To make this feature work effectively, some simple setup is required. Work with the AZCOMP implementation team for a little help, or watch the video below to learn how to customize the calculator and set up the filters that are right for your practice and billing process.

After the timely filing days have been entered for each carrier, you’ll be in a position never to miss a timely filing deadline again. Within the AR Tracker tool, run the report called “Insurance without a claim” and you’ll see a list of all the transactions that haven’t been submitted on a claim. This will help you to ensure you’ve submitted everything before your filing period is expired.

Remembering all the requirements for carriers is hard enough, so make sure you stay ahead of them with this helpful new tool.

Watch this quick video to learn more about the Medisoft Timely Filing Tool

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