Submitting Test Claims In Medisoft

How to Put Medisoft into Test Mode for Submitting Test Claims

This video is an excerpt from a recent webinar. In this video Loree discusses the options that are available for testing with your clearinghouse. Loree also demonstrates in Medisoft how to put the program into test mode so that you can submit test claims. There are a few other related steps that also need to be done in the program so that you can submit, and those are covered in the video as well.

At this late point in the game, if you want to submit test claims, you are somewhat limited with what can be done, but there are still options. So watch the video to see what is available to you.

Need Help With ICD-10 Claims?

Following the instructions in this video should give you what you need to know to put the program into test mode. If you need additional help, you can view other videos we have on our YouTube channel, or you can purchase one-on-one training, or you can purchase technical support. We have the best training and the best tech support teams in the nation! We are here to get you ready for the ICD-10 transition date.

Watch the Webinar Replay Video

testing icd-10 claims in Medisoft webinar replay - AZCOMP Technologies

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