Medisoft Support Video: See The Responsibility Flow For A Claim

See the progress or status of a claim at a glance in Medisoft

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This video takes a look at the Charges Tab in Medisoft, which is where you will be able to see a summary of the responsibilities of a claim for a particular patient.  You will be able to see which parties are responsible, what the claim number is, when it was sent, and which party has paid what amounts to date.  It is a nice view of the responsibility flow of a claim in the program.

Take a look at this very quick video to get some valuable instruction on how to read and use this tab in the program.

Medisoft training video to view flow of a claim in the program - AZCOMP Technologies

 Video Transcript:

This video we’re going to show you an easy way to look at the flow of the claim once it’s been sent.

Here we’ll look at this patient’s one line. The best way to do that is to make sure your pointer is here on the line that you want. If you have multiple lines of services make sure you click on the line that you want to look at. If you go over to the top right here where the two tabs are and click on the charges tab, this tells you the flow of what, when, and where.

It tells you here that insurance one, two, and the guarantor are responsible for the payment. It was billed out on claim 18 on 1/13/2015 to insurance one and then to insurance two. Insurance one paid 23.44, which is right here, and insurance two paid 8.66, which is right here. It shows guarantor has still not paid anything so they’re still responsible.

That’s the easy way to see what and when and where a claim line has been paid.

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