Medisoft Support Video – Adding Modifiers in Medisoft

Medisoft Video – How to add modifiers in Medisoft

This video shows how to enter modifiers using the columns in transaction entry and adding them as defaults inside a procedure code.

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Video Transcription:

There are a couple of different ways that you can add modifiers in Medisoft. The first way is just by entering the modifier under the M1 column in transaction entry. If there is additional modifiers that you need to enter in, you may need to add those additional columns, modifier two, modifier three, and modifier four through the grid columns window.

The way you do that is by clicking on this black dot to the left of the word date. That opens up your grid columns window. From here, click on Add Fields. This is in alphabetical order so you just need to scroll down until you find your additional modifier columns. You can highlight multiple ones by clicking on the first one and then holding down the shift key and then clicking on the last one. Click Okay once you’ve made your selections. Click Okay again and you’ll see your additional modifier columns off to the right. If you need to move these over, just click and drag on them and then slide them over. Now, you have those fields active so you can enter in additional modifier codes.

The other way is to add a modifier as a default for whenever you select a certain procedure code. You can do this by clicking on Lists, Procedure, Payment Adjustment Codes, or, just right-click on an existing procedure code and then click on Edit Procedure. Then, you’ll see these default modifier fields down there. Then, just enter in your codes that you want to use, up to four, and then click on Save.

Every time you use this procedure code, these modifiers will automatically get filled in in transaction entry. That’s how you add modifiers in Medisoft.

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