What Is Medisoft Monthly™?

Medisoft Monthly

Thanks for the Idea!

We’d like to take credit for Medisoft Monthly, but the truth is it was the idea of our awesome customers

We kept hearing the same complaints suggestions from our customers and we decided we needed to change some things. So we did! We came up with the idea of Medisoft Monthly based off of all the suggestions we’ve heard over the years and we couldn’t be happier with how much our customers are LOVING IT!

By far our happiest customers are those that are on Medisoft Monthly™.

What is Medisoft Monthly?What is Medisoft Monthly?

Medisoft Monthly is so simple and switching couldn’t be any easier. Give us a call at (888) 799-4777 or visit our Medisoft Monthly™ website to learn more.

What Some of our Customers Are Saying

“AZCOMP Technologies, Inc. is by far the most expert and expedient technological medical support company that I have ever worked with! They are responsive, patient and quite generous and encouraging with their time and emotional assistance. The technicians are especially sensitive to the fact that they are often working with older Providers of Service as opposed to young technologically astute Office Managers and they always make sure that you are both comfortable and confident in the approach they use to teach us all the new tools and techniques that are available in the software programs! I am so impressed with their entire staff!”

– Lila Evans

“My doctor has been with AZCOMP for years and they have proven to be very helpful. The staff is very friendly and helpful and they always take care of my issues.”

– Roe Lacasse

Learn More About Medisoft Monthly™

Making the switch to Medisoft Monthly couldn’t be easier. Give us a call at (888) 799-4777 to speak with a product specialist and get all the details. Or, you can visit our Medisoft Monthly™ website for more information.

Medisoft Monthly - Finally!

Video Transcript:

We can’t tell you how many customers buy Medisoft and think the installation and training should be included because everyone needs both of those, right? We’ve also heard countless times that having to upgrade every single year is a pain and it’d be nice to just always get the new features as they’re released.

We came up with Medisoft monthly. What is Medisoft monthly you ask. It’s a low-cost monthly plan for Medisoft users.

It, of course, includes Medisoft; you’re going to get the current version and all future versions, plus we’re going to do the installs for you. They’re going to be done quick and they’re going to be done right. You also get support, so you can call in anytime and get help fast instead of tinkering around and wasting time trying to figure it out. Training, you’ll have access to tons of training videos. There is, of course, basic training for newbies to get started, but there’s even more advanced training for those who are already comfortable with the software and want to be super-efficient. We’re also including secure backup because, yes, everyone should be backing up and doing it properly.

There are even more extra perks. Medisoft monthly is pretty awesome.

I know what you’re thinking, that’s going to be way too expensive, but customers on Medisoft monthly actually end up paying less. Instead of large sporadic lump sums, they have a consistent small amount, and because we can bundle stuff the cost is so much lower. Medisoft monthly customers are by far the happiest customers we have, so go ahead and make the switch to Medisoft monthly. You won’t regret it.