Medisoft Monthly

Shouldn’t the Cost of Medisoft Include Training, Support, and Installation?

Medisoft Monthly™ is a low cost monthly plan that includes Medisoft Billing Software, PLUS- Installations, Unlimited Support, Training and More!

What is Medisoft Monthly?

Why Do I Want Medisoft Monthly™?

Medical Billing Software
  • Predictable and Low Monthly Cost

    You don’t have to pay a large lump sum, or sporadic support charges. Instead you’ll spread out cost to a consistent low monthly fee. Your budget will love it!

  • Empowered Employees

    Employees have the freedom of calling in as soon as they need help, instead of wasting time trying to figure it out themselves because they don’t want to have to ask permission to call us. That means less stress, less wasted time, and you save money!

  • Well-trained Software Users

    You’re going to get one-on-one training, plus have access to hundreds of professional training videos. Not only will new employees be effectively trained, but existing employees will become masters of Medisoft. You won’t be one of those practices “getting by” using the software.

  • No “Nickel & Diming”

    Now you can call in and not have to worry about getting charged for this or that! It’s simple- you pay each month and now have unlimited support, installations are covered, and you have access to our training on the Medisoft U (without having to fork over more money!)

  • Bundle and Save!

    When you buy from us you’re now our partner, you’ve committed to us and we’re committed to make sure that you get the best deal. Customers on our monthly subscription are happiest & end up paying less.

We heard you loud and clear! With our monthly subscription, you can now call in whenever you need help, have us install your updates, and have access to tons of training – Without us asking you for your credit card!

Medical Billing Software

“Medisoft Monthly means I can get help anytime, I don’t have to do the installs, and my budget is predictable!”

What is Included in Medisoft Monthly™?

  • Medisoft and All Future Upgrades

    You get the latest version of Medisoft, PLUS you get every future Medisoft release.

  • Installation and Configuration

    We install and configure your Medisoft data with every new release.

  • Training

    Depending on the monthly plan you subscribe to, you will get a limited amount of personal one-on-one training for anyone on your staff. PLUS- get full access to ALL the exclusive content on Medisoft U, our 24/7 online training video site.


    Call our Medisoft tech support guru’s anytime you need help with your Medisoft program.

  • HIPAA Secure & Automatic Data Backup

    Get your Medisoft data backed up to a HIPAA secure and automatic cloud backup service. Never worry about your Medisoft data being lost again.

  • Electronic Statements and Online Training Tool

    Enroll in BillFlash and get the support fee waived with your Medisoft Monthly membership. Learn more about BillFlash here.

AZCOMP Technologies, Inc. is by far the most expert and expedient technological medical support company that I have ever worked with! They are responsive, patient and quite generous and encouraging with their time and emotional assistance. The technicians are especially sensitive to the fact that they are often working with older Providers of Service as opposed to young technologically astute Office Managers and they always make sure that you are both comfortable and confident in the approach they use to teach us all the new tools and techniques that are available in the software programs! I am so impressed with their entire staff!
My doctor has been with AZCOMP for years and they have proven to be very helpful. The staff is very friendly and helpful and they always take care of my issues.

Learn More About Medisoft Monthly™

Making the switch to Medisoft Monthly couldn’t be easier.

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