Medisoft & Lytec EMR Support Video – How To Fix The MRPATH.fl File

Medisoft Clinical EMR and Lytec MD EMR video to show you how to fix the MRPATH.fl file

tips and tricks - AZCOMP TechnologiesThis video is covering a few errors you might get in Lytec MD or Medisoft Clinical EMR programs that are associated to the MRPATH.fl file.  You might need to fix this file when you are having errors telling you that the drug interaction database is expired even when you know it is not expired.  Or you might need to fix this when the program is telling you that a scanned image file can not be found or opened.  There are other reason, but these two are the most common reasons you would need to fix the MRPATH.fl file.  In this short video you will learn how to fix the file.

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