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Medisoft Advantage Errors Defined

Errors in Medisoft can be frustrating, and can keep you from getting important work done. To make matters worse, the errors are not easy to read, making it even more difficult to determine the cause.

This is a list of the most common errors that we encounter in Medisoft, as defined by the creators of Advantage Database. If the issue you are experiencing is not listed below, or you would like some additional assistance in resolving the problem, please give us a call at (888) 799-4777 or check out our support options.

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Common 5000-Level Medisoft Errors

*Note: 5000 level errors may often indicate issues with data


The Advantage Client Engine client version used is not compatible with the version of the Advantage server that was found. Upgrade your Advantage server to a newer version.


Advantage could not find an index order with the specified name.

How to Fix Medisoft 5016 Error


The handle given was not recognized by Advantage. Verify the specified handle is open/active.


The statement constrain type specified was invalid. Valid choices are ADS_CONSTRAIN and ADS_NO_CONSTRAIN.


No database object matching the search condition was found in the data dictionary.


A request was made to get a property for an object in an Advantage Data Dictionary, but that property was not set for that object.


Problem: An operation was performed that is not legal to perform with the current user’s privileges. Most often this error is returned when a user attempts to change another user’s password, Internet access property, or logins disabled property.

Solution: Log in as the administrator (ADSSYS) or as the specified user to perform the operation. This error code has the same meaning as the 5054 AE_PERMISSION_DENIED error.


Trigger execution failed. Trigger execution failed either because of an Advantage error, or because the trigger code itself reported an error via the __error table. The error will be accompanied by a second error string, which will describe the exact problem encountered.


Advantage Local Server connections are restricted when used from a web server, an application server, a terminal server, or any other type of middleware or server product used to access data on behalf of remote computers.

If you receive this error, it is because your application attempted to make a local server connection from one of these restricted environments. Please review the Advantage Local Server Connections portion of the end user license agreement (license.txt, Section B) for details.

It is possible to get this error when you are not violating the license agreement. If, for example, your web application accesses local data that it uses internally, but is never transferred to a client, that usage is legal.

If you are using the Advantage Local Server to access data in this manner (or some similar manner where no data is used or seen by a client), and you receive this error code, you can add the following line to the ads.ini file under the [SETTINGS] section to disable this check:


Common 6000-Level Medisoft Errors

*Note: 6000-level errors often indicate networking issues

6097 – Bad IP address specified in connection path or in ADS.INI file

Problem: The Advantage Database Server was not found at the IP address and port specified in the connection path or in the ads.ini file.

Solution: Verify the following:

The IP address and port are correct for the Advantage Database Server you are trying to connect to. If you are specifying the address and port in the connection path (e.g., //server:port/path or //ip:port/path), verify that both are valid values.

The Advantage Database Server is currently running.

How to Fix a Bad IP Address 6097 Error in Medisoft

6410 – Destination address not available

The Connection with the server was unable to be established.

6420 – Unable to “discover” the Advantage Database Server

Problem: The Advantage application was unable to connect to the Advantage Database Server.

Solution: Several problems can cause this error to occur. Some common solutions are listed below. Reference the Advantage Knowledge Base for more detailed descriptions and a more complete list of known error cases.

Verify the Advantage Database Server is installed and running on the server where the database is located.

If attempting to use the Advantage Local Server and not the Advantage Database Server, make sure the application’s “server types” setting is set to use the Advantage Local Server.

If using the Native SQL Utility in the Advantage Data Architect, and you desire to use the Advantage Local Server and not the Advantage Database Server, make sure the Advantage connection type is set to “Local (ALS)”. This can be done via the Query Options dialog that is accessed by clicking the button that has the screwdriver, hammer, and wrench on it.

If the server is NetWare 5 or greater, make sure the version of the Advantage Database Server is 5.6 or greater, and make sure the Advantage client is v2.6 or greater.

If communicating to a server that only has IPX installed, make sure the Advantage client is enabled to send IPX packets.

If running through a firewall, make sure the Advantage IP send and receive ports are properly configured and opened up through the firewall.

How to Resolve 6420 error in Medisoft

6610 or 6633 – The Advantage Database Server did not respond to a database request in a timely manner.

A communications problem has occurred between the server and workstation.

How To Resolve 6610 or 6633 Error in Medisoft

Common 7000-Level Medisoft Errors

7003 – Maximum number of users exceeded:

Problem: The maximum number of users are already connected to the Advantage server.

Solution: Upgrade to a version of the Advantage Database Server that allows more users or wait until a current user logs out.

How to Resolve a 7003 Error in Medisoft

7004 – Maximum number of work areas exceeded:

Problem: The maximum number of configured work areas are already in use.

Solution: Increase the setting for the WORKAREAS configuration value in the Advantage Database Server for NetWare configuration file, ADS.CFG. If no WORKAREAS configuration key exists in ADS.CFG, add one and set the value to larger than the number of CONNECTIONS multiplied by 25 (which is the default value for the number of work areas if no WORKAREAS configuration key exists). Then re-load the Advantage Database Server.

7010 – Problem with Advantage server file read:

Problem 1: The Advantage server was unable to read from the specified file.
Solution 1: Check the status of the network and repeat the command.

7017 – Corrupt IDX, CDX, or ADI index:

Problem: The current CDX, IDX, or ADI index file contains corrupt or invalid data.
Solution: Rebuild the index.

7038 – Invalid record number

Problem: Attempted to read a record and the record number is greater than the number of records in the file. This error often results from using an index that contains more keys than the table has records. This can occur if a Pack or Zap is performed on the table when the index file(s) was closed.

Solution: Reposition to a valid record number. Reindex the index(es) that contain more keys than the table has records.

7040 – File creation error:

Problem: An error occurred when attempting to create a table or an index file.

Solution: Verify the directory where the file is to be created is accurate and exists. If the file already exists, verify no other users currently have the specified file open. Make sure the user has sufficient access rights to create and open the specified file (if using Advantage “check rights” security with free tables).

7041 – File not found:

Problem: The table or index file to be opened does not exist.

Solution: Make sure the directory where the file is to be opened is accurate and exists.

7057 – Record update failed:

Problem: The key value produced from this record was not unique, and the index for the current table has the UNIQUE property.

Solution: Replace the key value field(s) with a unique value(s). If this is not possible, cancel the operation. When using the Advantage Client Engine API directly, call AdsCancelUpdate. When using the Advantage TDataSet Descendant, use the TTable.Cancel method.

7058 – Corrupt ADI index:

Problem: The current ADI index file contains corrupt or invalid data. It is possible that the index file was created with a version of Advantage Database Server greater than the version you are currently using. For example, if Advantage Database Server 7.0 or greater is used to build a full text search (FTS) index, it is not possible to open that index file with prior versions of Advantage.

Solution: Rebuild the index.

7059 – Unique index creation error:

Problem: An index with the UNIQUE property was not able to be created because data in the table produced non-unique key values.

Solution: Make sure that the table data used to create the unique index is unique. When the record(s) was found that would cause a non-unique key to be place in the index, an error was logged in the Advantage error log (ADS_ERR.ADT or ADS_ERR_.DBF). That error log entry will indicate the record number, the tag name, and the index name associated with the non-unique index value. Use the Advantage error log to determine which records are in violation of the uniqueness property.

7077 – The Advantage Data Dictionary cannot be opened:

Problem 1: The auto-created ADT table cannot be opened from the command line or Windows Explorer using Advantage Data Architect.

Solution 1: Select File|Open Table and specify the path to the Advantage Data Dictionary the table is bound to. This error only affects Advantage Data Architect.

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