Medisoft Errors: 5016 Error

Medisoft Errors – ” Error 5016 “

When attempting to open Medisoft or while in the program you may encounter an error that looks like the one pictured below.


Medisoft 5016 Error

What does this mean?

5016 Typically indicates an issue with the data.

How can I resolve this?

If you receive the error above when using Medisoft please follow the steps below to resolve:

1.  Right click on the Medisoft icon and select ‘Properties’

5016 Errors2.  Click on ‘Open File Location’

5016 Errors3.  Look for the file named ‘FileMaintLoad’ and double click on it

5016 four4.  Select your practice and click ‘Ok’

5016 five5.  In the File Maintenance window click on the box ‘All Files’ under the ‘Rebuild Indexes’ tab

5016 six6.  Under the ‘Pack Data’ tab click on ‘All Files’

5016 seven7.  Click ‘Start’

*Note: Depending on the size of your database this process can take some time to complete. *

5016 eight8.  Click ‘Ok’ to continue

5016 nine9.  You will receive a confirmation message when File Maintenance completes

5016 tenTry logging back into Medisoft and the error should no longer appear



If after completing these steps you are still getting this 5016 error, please call our support department: 480.730.3055


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