Medisoft New Feature Training: eMedix Statements

Navigating the billing process can often be cumbersome for both healthcare providers and patients. Recognizing this challenge, Medisoft has integrated a solution designed to streamline billing and payments: eMedix Statements. This feature eliminates the reliance on third-party websites and offers a seamless billing experience directly within Medisoft.

One of the standout additions to the eMedix Statements is the integration of a QR code on each statement. This small yet impactful feature directs patients to an online payment portal with a simple scan, drastically simplifying the payment process. It’s an innovative step towards enhancing patient satisfaction by making bill payments more accessible and less time-consuming.

For a closer look at how eMedix Statements and the QR code payment system can benefit your practice, we’ve created a video guide. This resource is tailored to help you understand the capabilities of the integrated statements feature and how you can implement it to improve your practice’s operational efficiency and patient payment experience.

Watch the Medisoft New Feature Training Video:

Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts showing more insights into the transformative features introduced in the latest version of CGM Medisoft. If you’re ready to improve your practice management, contact us today to learn more about how the new features in CGM Medisoft can benefit your practice.

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