Medisoft Tip of The Week: How To Apply A Copayment

How to Apply a Co-Payment in Medisoft

When a patient makes a copayment for their visit, you want to make sure that you record that particular payment as a copayment in Medisoft, not just as a regular payment. This quick video will show you how to apply or enter a copayment to the patient’s account.

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Medisoft Video: How to apply a copay in Medisoft - AZCOMP Technologies

Video Transcript:

Hi. Today we’re going to be looking at how to apply a copayment. A copayment is something that is a patient responsible amount designated by the insurance for specific procedures. Keep in mind, some procedures will be covered 100% and some procedures will require the copayment. It is up to the office to know what that is. That can usually be found on the eligibility verification or on the patient’s insurance card sometimes.

Let’s go ahead. One thing you want to, if you know that the patient has a copayment, you can go ahead and right click on the case. Then edit case and then enter into policy one. We can enter a copayment amount. We see this patient does have a $20 copay. We’re going to go ahead and save that. Now we see up here he has a copay overdue. In order to apply that and have it reflect correctly on your reports, it will need to be done in a certain way.

If we go ahead and click on new, and add a new line item here for end of the payment adjustment and comments, we’re going to come down here and find our copay, there we go, check copay. We see that the guarantor is the person that will be responsible, or will be making that payment. We can go ahead and put $20 down.

Now, this copayment here that is due, we see is required right here on our bottom line item. If we put $20 in, we see that it shows up bright red because that’s not applied yet. Go ahead and click on apply. Then we’ll apply the whole amount to this 3/9 date of service. What was that? Now we see that that evened that out. If we go ahead and save that transaction, we see it also zeroed out up here as well. That copay is no longer overdue.

That is basically how to apply the copayment. One thing that some offices do confuse sometimes, they just put it in as a regular patient payment. We do want to differentiate between the copayment and the patient payment. If we right click on our copay procedure and the edit procedure, we see that is set up as an actual copayment. That is going to be different than just a regular patient payment. Like I said, that is going to reflect in your reporting differently. We do want to make that difference.

We have the cash copayment, the check copayment, or the credit card copayment. Like I said, keep in mind that is different than the actual cash, check, or credit card payment, is we want to keep that straight in our reports for when we run those. That is how you would apply a copayment. Pretty quick, pretty simple.

Like I said, make sure that you click on the copay rather than the patient payment. That will do it.

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