Get Your Medisoft Program Hosted in the Cloud

Cloud Hosting

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting allows a business to take the software that they love, such as Medisoft, and have someone else store the program on a secure outside server. When the program is stored on a secure outside server, you can access that program from anywhere and on any device, so long as you have an internet connection. This is why it is called ‘Cloud Hosting’ – the program is now available from anywhere you have the internet.

There are a lot of great reasons to take Medisoft, or any of your other business applications, and have AZCOMP host them in the cloud for you. A few good reasons are that you now don’t have to focus on maintaining your own server; you cloud server will be secure and very reliable; this will stabilize costs; and have access to your programs from anywhere keeping you flexible.

Keep Your Organization Secure With Cloud Hosting

When a consumer or business wants software hosting, they must first purchase the software they want hosted. For example, if you want Medisoft hosted, then you first buy Medisoft – you must own a license to that software.

Typically, once you own the software, you would then install the program onto your own computer or your own server. In this case though, you then instead have a company such as AZCOMP take your software and install it on their own server (or at a secure hosting center). Then, you are given secure access to your software through a remote connection to that server.

With your software installed on a hosted server, the hosting company will keep your information secure. In addition, the host handles all backups, maintenance,  and upgrades allowing you to save time and money.

What are the Benefits of Cloud Hosting?

Better Patient Care

You Stay Focused on Patient Care – We Focus on  Your Server

When you have someone else host your major software applications, then you can get rid of your server and spare yourself the headaches of maintenance, backups, upkeep & replacement.

When we host your Medisoft or EMR applications, you can stay focused on your medical practice, and we’ll take care of your server and all the maintenance.

Secure & Reliable

Rest assured, AZCOMP works almost exclusively in healthcare IT. We know and understand the security concerns and HIPAA requirements facing healthcare organizations.

We will keep your vital EMR and practice data secure, and provide immediate secure access to ePHI for enhanced patient care. It will all be there for you every time you need it.

Cost Stabilization

It can be difficult to run a business when you have significant costs associated to your IT infrastructure that drastically fluctuates from month to month. With your Medisoft and EMR software hosted securely on our servers, you can experience predictable monthly operating costs.

Your business will not need to worry any longer about purchasing or maintaining backup systems, firewalls, new servers or any other related hardware.

Access Anywhere

One of the biggest conveniences with all of this is the accessibility and flexibility. Even though Medisoft isn’t supported on a MacBook, you can now run Medisoft on your MacBook or any other apple products. You could even operate the software from an iPad. You can access your data and entire practice data set from the hotel, your home, your office and anywhere else you have a secure internet connection.

Cloud Hosting

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