Medisoft Clinical or Lytec MD Support Video: Restart Mirth

AZCOMP Support Video: Restart Mirth for Medisoft Clinical or Lytec MD

Mirth is the program that connects all of the information between your practice management software and your EHR software.  Sometimes this becomes disconnected for a variety of reasons.  In this short video, learn how simple it is to reconnect, or to restart the Mirth to connect Medisoft back to Medisoft Clinical, or to connect Lytec back to Lytec MD.

Lytec MD; Medisoft Clinical mirth restart


Video Transcript:

Today’s discussion will be about restarting the Mirth program, which is actually what controls everything crossing from your Medisoft or Lytec to your clinical or Lytec MD program. In order to do this, it’s very simple. There should be a desktop called McKesson Practice Interface Center. This will be on the server. You just want to double click that. Once it comes up, there’s a button that says Launch Mirth. Once you’ve clicked that, it will bring up Mirth Console and Mirth Connect Services. That will restart this and you’ll see this little orange icon that looks like a little smiley face down at the bottom. Now if that does not solve your problem, of course please do give us a call.

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