Medisoft Clinical or Lytec MD – How to set file associations

AZCOMP Support Video: How to set the default program for viewing scanned images in Medisoft Clinical or Lytec MD

This video will cover how to set file associations.  That means we are setting the default program that will allow you to open and view TIFF files, which is how the scanned images are stored in your Medisoft Clinical or Lytec MD program.  In the video we will set a program called Irfanview as the default TIFF viewer.  In the video we also show how to download and install that Irfanview program onto your computer.

how to set file associations for Medisoft clinical and Lytec MD - AZCOMP Technologies


Video Transcript:

Today we’re going to be going over how to set file associations if you do not have permissions or access to the control panel. I would start by going to start and then computer. What we need to do is find whatever file type you’re looking for. In most cases it’s going to be a TIFF file when we’re setting the file association for the TIFF viewer. TIFF files can be found in many directories on your computer but they are particularly in the P drive, and the P part, and then files. These ones are super embedded so they’re going to be pretty far down here, but just click multiple times. Like I said, after tons of clicks you’ll find some of your files. This is our test database so we don’t have many files in there but this will have all of your scanned images once you do that.

Right here, here’s a TIFF file. What you can do is right click that, go to open with. If you choose one now that will just be for a single time. If you go down to the very bottom it will say choose default program, and then you can choose which program you want. IrfanView is the new TIFF viewer that we are recommending. If you just double click on that and then you’ll see that’s what it opens with now. That will be what clinical or MD uses to open those file types.

Hi, today we’re going to be going over how to download and install the new TIFF viewer. Some of you may be on alternative or Brava! Reader. Those ones are great but they do tend to expire and need to be reinstalled or updated. The new TIFF reader will not need to be updated and so it is a one and one deal. To do this start by going to and then just type in IrfanView. Go ahead and click on download IrfanView.

What I always do is choose this top one, get it from CNET. CNET is a trusted download site. Go ahead and click on that, then click on download now. It will process through for a little bit and then it should prompt us to run. It looks like it’s going on in the background so let’s go ahead and run that. What I usually do is uncheck all. You don’t need these to be on your desktop, so go ahead and uncheck all and then hit next, next again. Here we want to set the file association to TIFF files. That’s what you scan into your clinical or MD programs. After you click TIFF click next. I uncheck the Google Chrome bars. I don’t think those are really necessary. They’re just an add-on to the download. Then next again. It’s going to say do we really want to change the file associations. Click on yes and then done.

I’ll go ahead and open it up. At this point you’ll want to go ahead and open up your practice partner or your clinical or MD and open up a patient that you know has a scanned image. I’m on my test database so we don’t have scanned images in, but go ahead and try to open one of those up. If you have any issues with that please call support and we’ll be more than happy to jump on help you out.

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