Medisoft: Fix The Medisoft Error “Backup Already In Progress”

Resolving Medisoft Error – “Backup Already in Progress”

Have you ever gotten the error message in Medisoft that says “A backup is already in progress by user”? If someone else is already logged into your Medisoft account, and they are performing a backup, then you will get this error. But what do you do when you are the only one logged in, and nobody else is already running a backup? How do you fix this? This short video will show you what to do when you get this error in Medisoft.

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Video Transcript:

Today we’re going to be taking a look at what to do if you’re going to back up the program and it tells you that there’s an error and somebody’s already signed in. Let’s take a look at what the message will look like. “Back up is already in progress by user,” and in the brackets will display the user name of the person who is supposedly still in the files.

What we can do here is we’re going to have to locate where the data is held and the network professional version that will be on the server. In any case, that would be under the folder metadata. That’s what we’re going to be looking for today is the metadata folder. From within this folder we’re looking for “Hot Backup.” We can hit “H” on the keyboard, bring us to the top of the H’s in this list and we can find this folder here.

By opening it, it will show us the user that is still in there. For demonstration purposes we used, User Name, so that you can see what would appear here. What we’ll do is we’ll go ahead and delete the information out of there and go ahead and save. When it asks if you’d like to replace the file? Go ahead and hit “Yes.”

It’s important that we keep the file name the same. Okay, now that it’s blank we can go ahead and exit out and from the list go ahead and re-select, “Hot Back-up,” and rename the file, “Hotbackup.old.” By doing this it will keep it in the list and allow you to continue backing up the program.

With this file removed, it’s not uncommon that it will come back and not allow you to back up once again. By changing a file extension to dot O-L-D, it keeps the file in the folder, which will remove the ability to recreate itself, allowing us to back-up.

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