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Unlock Maximum Productivity AND Satisfaction

Chances are that you’ve come across the phrase, “Get with the program!” It’s a common term used to get individuals to align with how things should be done at the establishment. Of course, there’s always a way that things should be done to ensure consistency in productivity. You can call them the best practices.

Unfortunately, most Phoenix Metro businesses (small and big alike) lack a straightforward program for the staff to follow. The result is inconsistent and unsatisfactory results. Both employer and employee get frustrated, and productivity suffers.

With rising inflation, bank failures and a turbulent stock market the current economic environment is not at its best.As a result, businesses should ensure all their employees are “with the program” by doing what they should do to optimize results. There’s no longer a place for hires that aren’t “with the program.”

What it Means to Get with the Program

For most people, a program sounds like a strict step-by-step manual for every little task. But that’s not the case. A program involves a well-thought-out and clearly-communicated set of expectations and results for every staff member. It’s more in line with a job scorecard.

For example, the reception’s central role should not be restricted to answering calls to the business and ushering in visitors. It’s more than that. The receptionist must be the director of first impressions. They should ensure that all prospects and people calling the office get the best image of the business. The callers shouldn’t get lost in the phone tree maze.

Most Phoenix Metro businesses may ask their new hires to the receptionist role to ‘just answer the phone.’ But anyone can do that, even those with no idea about the intricacies of customer service. How often have you asked to speak with sales, or customer service, only to be left enraged? You get the idea! It’s not about who can do the job but who can do it as it should be done. That’s where a scorecard comes in!

In a nutshell, a job scorecard provides the most straightforward mission definition for any position. It also defines the key results to be achieved and their specific responsibilities.

The Job Scorecard

As mentioned, how a job scorecard defines a role is typically three-pronged:

  • Based on the position’s mission: why does the position exist? Is it to delight customers, grow sales, or ensure repeat business? This is your starting point before you start filling positions.

The benefit of knowing the position is that it eliminates ambiguousness. Employees understand the bigger picture and their role in the company’s success. Why should they report to work daily, year in and year out? Does it mean something to work for your business?

  • Based on the key results: once you identify the mission, the next step is to articulate the key results. What should your personnel achieve? And is it measurable? As Peter Drucker famously said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”  

For sales and marketing professionals, securing a certain amount of new sales or generating a certain number of leads might be the result. They’re measurable. For example, secure $500,000 in sales for the first quarter.

For customer service representatives, quantifiable results might be something like a decrease in canceled services. It could also be increased upgrades or subscriptions after an encounter with the customer representatives.

Everyone understands what they need to do to succeed in their role and how far they are from achieving it. The key result for leaders is hitting profitability and revenue targets. When goals are quantifiable, the drama or disagreements in performance evaluations reduces or is no longer there.

  • Based on responsibilities: particular responsibilities define the tasks, actions, and duties that every employee must fulfill. Well-defined responsibilities are vital for the smooth running of operations. It prevents a case of overbooked tasks and dropped balls. The workers understand what’s expected of them, and it serves as motivation to achieve the desired results.

Once you have the scorecards and roles, share them with the entire team to create a culture of accountability.

For our business, we are leveraging a dashboard tool called BrightGauge to help us with our scorecard. BrightGauge connects directly to our main business management software and gives us real-time statistics to measure our performance. With this, most team members have a way to see their results easily and then easily report to the whole team  every week.

We simply use an Excel spreadsheet located on our company SharePoint site. That way all employees can access the sheet and enter their metrics for that week. On Tuesday of every week, our designated team member sends a broadcast email to all employees at AZCOMP with the summarized report for our element of team accountability. It’s simple that way.

Your business can do something like this too. We understand that all businesses are not made equal, so we offer customized solutions. When we have IT strategy sessions with our clients, we help discover the best collaboration tools and strategies to unlock maximum productivity.

Your success as a business depends on a straightforward program that everyone follows. It’s vital that everyone ‘gets in line!’ We’re talking about a job scorecard to define the mission, key results, and particular responsibilities. This is a success factor.

Your business could benefit significantly from the collaboration tools. Keep everyone on track and accountable today. Contact us at AZCOMP for a personalized consultation to help you explore and leverage the various tools for productivity.

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