LytecMD 2014 Upgrade Announcement

Lytec MD

  • Lytec MD 2014 release is the ICD-10 ready Practice Management Release with the current version of Practice Partner 9.5.2 SP2. Practice Partner 9.5.2 SP2 is not Meaningful Use Stage 2 Ready or ICD-10 Ready. Only Lytec 2014 Practice Management piece of Lytec MD is ICD-10 ready.
  • Lytec MD SP1 will be released in the spring of 2014. This service pack will contain Lytec 2014 and the updated Practice Partner v11.0 EMR.

Please note that Providers must be using Lytec MD 2014 SP1 during their Meaningful Use reporting period for 2014 in order to qualify for stimulus funds. The reporting period for 2014 has been adjusted in order for Providers to have time to implement the new version and train prior to starting their reporting period.

Special Reporting Period in 2014

For 2014 Only– Because all providers must upgrade or adopt newly certified EHRs in 2014, all providers regardless of their stage of meaningful use are only required to demonstrate meaningful use for a three-month (or 90-day) EHR reporting period in 2014:

  • Medicare eligible professionals beyond their first year of meaningful use must select a three-month reporting period fixed to the quarter of the calendar year for eligible professionals. Providers must attest to these reporting periods no later than February 28, 2015 at 12 am ET.
  • Medicare eligible professionals in their first year of meaningful use may select any 90 day reporting period.
  • Medicaid eligible professionals can select any 90-day reporting period that falls within the 2014 calendar year.
Special Reporting Period information quoted from page 8 of the Eligible Professional’s Guide to Stage 2 of the EHR Incentive Programs published by

CMS has provided the following tool to assist you in determining the length of time you are required to demonstrate meaningful use at each stage, and the maximum incentive payment for each year you participate:

Participation Timeline


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