Lytec Version 2020 Mobile App Upgrade

Lytec’s Mobile App just got a HUGE Upgrade in Lytec 2020!

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One of the biggest features highlighted in Lytec’s newest version 2020, are the multiple mobile app enhancements. With these updates on both the back-end developments and numerous other new feature capabilities, these new features will enhance the utility of Mobile. But, don’t miss out on this limited time to upgrade at a discounted rate, because these most of these new features are only available with the newest upgrade. Remember, when you upgrade to Lytec 2020, your newer mobile version will have the most-recent mobile operating system, making it easier for you to make sure all areas of your system are updated and data never resides on the mobile device so your data is totally secure. With the new upgrade, Installation of Lytec Mobile is not easier than ever – no more opening hundreds of Ports or adjusting firewall settings.

If these features weren’t a big deal enough for you to upgrade to Lytec 2020, check out even more features with Lytec Mobile App in Lytec 2020:

  • Select a Case at time of creating charges in Superbill *
  • Select a Case from the review charges page *
  • Select a Case at time of creating Appointment *
  • Pull Diagnosis from the Lytec Permanent Diagnosis and display on patient preview area (patient card) *
  • Patient’s Permanent Diagnosis displayed on new superbill creation *
  • Add ability to edit an existing single appointment *
  • Add ability to delete an existing single appointment *
  • Display a breakdown of the individual patient’s remainder balances which comprise the Guarantor balance.  Currently only show the total Guarantor balance *
  • View additional Insurance information on patient card, including policy information *
  • Add middle initial to all patient names on charge pages, search patient results and new appointments for more accurate identification
  • Add Facility Code to Description display for easier and accurate Facility choice
  • Save Mobile templates, intake forms, custom medical history questionnaire, and superbills in user-customized folder locations for more privacy and separation for customers in a hosted configurations (March 2020) *

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