Lytec Support Video: How To Modify User Permissions

Lytec Video: How to modify or update or change user permissions in the program.

lytec tips and tricks - AZCOMP TechnologiesIn Lytec, you can set up, edit, or modify permissions for each individual user on the account. If you want one user to be able to do one thing, but a different user you don’t want them to be able to do that one thing, you can set that up in their permissions. You can set individual custom permissions for each user. So, this video will show you how to modify or update user permissions in Lytec.

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Lytec support video - set user permissions in Lytec - AZCOMP Technologies


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Video Transcript: If you want to change what each individual account user has access to in Lytec you do that in “Admin” and then “user security profiles”.
In here you can determine what the user has access to, weather you can save or delete.
Just pick the user and then click “security profile”.
All the parts of the program are listed in here. You can determine what the user has access to change. So if you don’t want them to delete patients, then you just uncheck that box. And then hit “ok”.
You can do that with each individual account or user. You can set individual permissions.

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