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Lytec 2015 DiscountsYou may not realize it but your practice NEEDS & WANTS Lytec 2015. 

Order 2015 by TODAY and avoid paying more later.  Call AZCOMP at 888.799.4777 to talk to a Lytec Specialist to get your copy of Lytec 2015 at the best rate possible.

Why Your Practice NEEDS Lytec 2015:

ICD-10 is coming and it is going to require some massive changes.  You need to have software that is capable of handling those changes.  Lytec 2015 is ready for ICD-10.  PLUS, it has tons of really helpful tools (like the code mapping feature) to make the transition as smooth as possible.  They seriously packed in tons of small details and features that you will really appreciate when switching everything over.

Why Your Practice WANTS Lytec 2015:

Lytec 2015 FeaturesThe new mobile app is Awesome!

Do you want to see a quick demonstration of the new mobile app?  Click here to watch.

Just imagine being able to hand patients an iPad when they come in- and then they enter all their demographics and insurance info (with all their info spelled right!).  That’s right, staff doesn’t have to enter it in any longer with this mobile app.  All the information is all done immediately and updated in Lytec automatically.

Plus it gets better.  Imagine the Dr. can enter all charges on an electronic superbill- that will be immediately available to the biller who no longer has to re-key in the info or deal with illegible handwriting and can submit claims 60% sooner than before!

Remember also that the new mobile app for Lytec 2015 is programmed to run on iPad and Android devices.

Get 30% Off Your Purchase of Lytec 2015 (Offer Expires TODAY!)

Today, September 30th, is the last day to get the 2015 pre-release discounts.  Call AZCOMP Technologies at 888.799.4777 to talk with a Lytec Sales Specialist to take advantage of the best possible pricing you will ever find for Lytec 2015!

What else is fantastic about Lytec 2015?  Basically everything else that was fantastic about 2014.  Here are the 10 most loved features in Lytec 2015.

  1. FREE Enhanced Lytec Mobile App:  Electronically capture charges and diagnosis entries from your iPhone or iPad.  Billers no longer have to re-key the doctor’s illegible handwriting.  Claims are submitted up to 60% sooner!
  2. ICD-10 Ready & Awesome Code Mapping Feature: Not only is Lytec 2015 equipped to handle the new ICD-10 codes it has very useful tools to make the transition to ICD-10 even easier.  Users particularly love the code mapping feature in 2015 to convert codes from ICD-9 to ICD-10.
  3. Lytec is EMR Ready For Seamless Integration: Did you know that Lytec has an EMR? By purchasing your EMR or EHR together with your PM (practice management) software, they will work together seamlessly.  If you purchase your EMR separately then you may have to deal with a 3rd software or programmers to get your two systems to work together.  Or maybe worse, you may have to key all of the same information into both systems!  No thanks…
  4. Intense Claim Scrubbing: Revenue Management does CMI, LLRP, and custom edits to scrub claims and make sure claims from Lytec go out right the 1st time. This drastically reduces rejections, employees spending time refiling claims, and speeds up reimbursements.
  5. Over 200 Automated Reports: Including appointments with no charge, monthly financial overview, referring provider report, daily activity summary, and more!  Easily indicate which reports you want Lytec to automatically run.
  6. Comes Standard With New 02/12 CMS 1500 Form: All paper claims including re-bills must be on the correct CMS form.  Lytec 2015 includes fields, programming, and report forms necessary to produce the new CMS 1500 Claim form.
  7. Electronic Secondary Claims: Billers can send out secondary claims electronically instead of having to mail paper claim with a copy of the EOB.
  8. Flexible ERA: Lytec gives you the power to specify how a payment posts & complete control to correct mistakes made by the insurance carriers on the ERA.
  9. Quick and Convenient Copay Collections: The front desk can easily collect copay’s and print receipts from right within the Lytec scheduler.
  10. Loaded with Options Such as Automated Appointment Reminder, Easy Patient Statements, and much, much more…

*some features are not in Lytec single user, may require training, or upgrades.  Ask your sales rep for details.

To find out the details on these features, and to find out how big you can save on your upgrade with the current discounts…be sure to call us today at 888.799.4777.

Thanks and we hope to hear from you soon!

As always, if you have any questions or comments, be sure to write those in the comments below.  We’d love to hear from you.

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