Lytec 2020 Pre-Release Sale

Hot off the press, Lytec 2020 Pre-Release sale is going on right now!

Our pre-release sale of Lytec 2020 in here. These discounts are too good, we couldn’t wait to tell you. Effectively immediately, the Lytec 2020 pre-release sale is happening for a limited time only. Right now, when you upgrade Lytec to the newest version 2020, from version 2018 or prior, you could get up to a 40% discount. You’ll get access to the current version 2019 right away, and when version 2020 if officially released, we’ll send it to you. It’s just that simple.

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Details of Lytec’s Pre-Release Sale

Lytec includes some amazing new features that will help optimize your business to be more efficient and profitable. This is the best price you’re ever going to see for Lytec 2020 and it’s only available for a limited time, so don’t miss out! When you purchase Lytec 2020 prior to September 13th, you can receive it for up to 40% off. Here is how the sale breaks down:

  • If you are currently on Version 2018, you will receive 30% off during the sale. Your 2-version upgrade is always the most affordable compared to any other upgrade price. Call our office to talk to an account representative about specific pricing for your model (Single User, Professional or Client Server, etc.)
  • If you are currently on Version 2017 or older, you will receive 40% off during the sale. Your 3-version upgrade price is more expensive than the 2-version upgrade, but you’ll get a little better discount during the sale – 40% off!

Immediately, you will get the current version 2019 of Lytec. When Lytec 2020 is released, early next year, we will send it your way! Simple as that. But act fast, this sale is only going on until September 13th!

Lytec – Powerful, Trusted, Affordable Practice Management

What Is Included With Lytec 2019 & 2020?

If you would like to know what features are available now in Lytec 2019, click on over to our website where we have all the details laid out for you. If you’re interested in the slated details of the new Lytec 2020, check out this pre-release flyer.

This latest release of Lytec is more powerful and useful than ever before. Right now, Lytec 2019 will help your practice become more efficient and productive allowing your practice to collect more and with less effort.

Here are some of the features you can access right now with Lytec 2019:

  • New move credits workflow to eliminate manual tasks and risk
  • Boost your bottom line with new patient engagement tool
  • Keep your staff productive and happy with customized appointment schedules
  • Never receive a timely filing denial again!
  • Reduce duplicated patient records
  • Streamline processes, save time with the AR Tracker refresh button
  • Get all your codes in one shot
  • More flexibility posting patient payments, no matter the method
  • Patient responsibility at your fingertips

Plus, if you’re on an older version, don’t forget about all the new features that were released in 2018 and other previous versions. You can get all the details here: Lytec 2019 Details Page.

Here are some of the new features with Lytec 2020:

  • Major Scanning Changes
  • Multiple Mobile App Enhancements
  • New Timely Filing and Appointment Date Filters in AR Tracker
  • Add Enhanced Eligibility Response Displays
  • New Patient Balance
  • Enhance Patient Connect
  • New Change Entry Messaging Capability
  • Defect Fixes

Not to mention all the updated features from Lytec 2019 and earlier.

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