Lytec 2015 with Mobile Patient Intake

Lytec 2015 – All New Patient Intake System & ICD-10 Ready

New Lytec iPad AppHave you had a chance to take a look at the new patient intake process for Lytec 2015 yet?  Take a look here to see how Version 2015 will help you spend less time on administrative tasks and more time focusing on your patients.

Lytec’s new Patient Intake Mobile application for iPad® and AndroidTM automates the entire information-gathering process – giving you the ability to save valuable time and money. Simply hand your patients the mobile device, and through the Lytec Mobile application they can enter their new information and edit already-existing information in Lytec. The patient’s information will flow directly into Lytec for you to validate and apply to their account.

The new patient intake mobile application for Lytec is also extremely valuable and helpful for the Dr. while making rounds at the hospital.  Any new patient the Dr. meets while out of the office can be entered into Lytec directly from the mobile app, eliminating duplicate data entry and needless paperwork.

In addition to this, the Dr. can enter all charges on an electronic superbill using the mobile app.  This information will be immediately available in Lytec to the biller who no longer has to re-key the informaiton or deal with illegible handwriting on the old paper superbill.  This makes it so that the biller will be able to submit claims 60% sooner than before.

Lytec 2015 is ICD-10 Ready and will make transition easier with electronic superbill

There are several new features in Lytec’15 designed to help you make the transition to ICD-10 easy.  Perhapse the best feature though would be the electronic superbill as part of the Mobile App.

On average most practices have a paper superbill that is about 2 pages long.  With the massive expansion in codes the 2 page superbill could now be as long as 9 pages!  Having an electronic superbill with the Lytec Mobile app is going to make a Doctor’s life much easier.

Some of the other ICD-10 features that are included with Lytec 15 are features like the Diagnosis List & Code Setup; the ICD-10 Code Mapping Utility; the Insurance Carrier setup; the Set ICD-10 Version Utility and several more.

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Lytec is 10% off – but not for long!

At the end of March 2015, the current promotion of 10% off will expire and you will not have any more opportunities to save.  If you are planning on purchasing Lytec 15, now is the time.  Waiting utill later so that you can pay more just doesn’t make sense.

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