Lytec 2015 Mobile App Full-Length Demonstration

Check out this full demo of the all new Lytec 2015 mobile app.

With the release of Lytec version 2015, there is an all-new mobile app available for use with the Client Server model of Lytec. Here is what you get with the all-new mobile app:

  • Lytec mobile is available for iPad and Android operating systems.
  • New patient intake system. Checking in patients for their appointments is now easier than ever before. Make all of your paper forms digital. Patients either add brand new info, or update old info. Plus patient can view and acknowledge any other forms (like your payment policy, or privacy policy, etc.) and then digitally sign. It is so easy that if your patients still have the ability to read, they will be able to easily complete the process. The best part is that all the information will transfer directly into Lytec.
  • Add a new patient to Lytec. While making rounds at the hospital, or if you take a new patient as a walk-in, quickly and easily add them to Lytec through the mobile app.
  • Electronic Superbill. Add your superbill to your tablet to give yourself easy access to all of those new ICD-10 codes. When the appointment is finished, with one click the superbill will be sent to your billing department.
  • Schedule management. You’ll have an overview of your schedule and be able to see the details of each appointment. From the appointment screen, easily click straight into the electronic superbill for that patient.

In this demo video we just released, we will walk you through all these features and show you how it all works within the app.

Watch the Lytec Version 2015 Mobile App Demo Here:

lytec 2015 mobile app demo - AZCOMP Technologies

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