Is an Antivirus Software Really Needed?

Antivirus Software

Why You Need an Antivirus Software

While increasingly advanced technology is making work easier and more convenient, it has risks. It is a double-edged sword. Cyber attacks are now more common, which is why a robust security system is vital for any Arizona business. Read the 15-Ways to Protect Your Business From a Cyber Attack article on our site to learn how to protect your business from potential threats and how antivirus software can help. 

Your first line of defense is usually antivirus software, but there are other safeguards you need to keep secure. 

Free Antivirus Programs Are Not Enough

While free antivirus programs are bundled with many Windows computers, they’re not sufficient on their own. In other words, free antivirus programs cannot protect your computers or network from cyber-attacks. Your antivirus software is just one of the many tools you must have in your entire security system.

Many still think that antivirus software is all that’s needed to keep your enterprise safe. This is mainly because 20 years ago, that was the only security tool available. However, antivirus software is insufficient to defend your network from most cyber-attacks. You need a comprehensive security system with many defensive layers.

Antivirus Software Only Identifies a Defined Set of Threats

An antivirus program works because it is programmed to identify a defined set of threats like worms, Trojans, adware, and more. Anti-ransomware software is different and is programmed to detect various threats. Suppose a threat is something other than what the antivirus software is programmed for. In that case, it will not detect the risk, and the cybercriminals will get past your antivirus program. 

Once cybercriminals can access your computer or other systems, they can do whatever they want. Your antivirus program is useless at that point.

Failure to Keep Antivirus Software Updated and Monitored is a Major Risk

Among common mistakes Arizona computer users make regarding antivirus software is that they do not keep it up-to-date. Sometimes, they have no idea if it’s even on or working. To maintain security, the computer user or IT professional must monitor and manage the antivirus program. When available, updates must be installed, and someone needs to check it on a routine basis (preferably daily!) to ensure that the system is running and identify any threats.

It is common for weeks, months, or even years to pass by without anybody checking to see if the program is on or doing anything. This means that your system has been vulnerable during that period. It’s scary to think that your business would have been attacked, and your antivirus program would have done nothing to stop it.

Continuous Monitoring of Antivirus Software

When meeting with prospects for the first time and assessing their system, we encountered situations where an antivirus program was disabled for over a year. The particular server had been infected with a virus, causing them problems. To make matters worse, they didn’t even know about it. 

IT professionals should have a way to monitor your antivirus program continuously. They should receive alerts if anything is wrong with the system and fix it remotely. AZCOMP monitors all our clients’ antivirus programs remotely and receives alerts when the program has gone offline, hasn’t been updated, or if any threat needs to be addressed.

Do you have any questions about your antivirus software or any other aspects of network security? Feel free to call for a free cybersecurity consultation anytime.

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