Installing Encoder Pro And Fix A Common Installation Error

How to install Medisoft Encoder Pro, and how to fix a common installation error.

Installing Encoder Pro for Medisoft is not a very complicated process, but we frequently get asked about an error that happens sometimes after the program has been installed. In this short video we made, we will walk you through the installation, and then we will show you the error that happens and how to fix it.

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Watch the video here:

install medisoft encoder pro


What is Medisoft Encoder Pro?

Encoder Pro is an additional piece of software you can purchase from us that integrates with Medisoft. When installed, Encoder Pro becomes part of Medisoft, so to use the program, you don’t have to leave Medisoft.

This program becomes like a Google search for codes. You can simultaneously search across ICD-10, CPT, and HCPCS codes. So Encoder Pro replaces your paper code book. When using Encoder Pro, when you search for a code, you will get code details and lay descriptions, and then you can import that code directly into Medisoft and it will become part of the code library you have in your software.

Encoder Pro is a major time saver and you’ll be super happy you have it!

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