Does the thought of the ICD-10 transition make you feel a little uneasy?

If you want want that uneasy feeling to go away, the best place to start is right here.


Are you looking for useful tools and documentation that will help you and your practice be ready for ICD10?  I’m sure you are all aware that the deadline for implementing and transitioning to ICD-10 has been pushed off another year to October 1, 2015.  Even though it is still over a year away, getting yourself prepared starting right now might be one of the best favors you can do for yourself.  So if you are looking for information about how to get prepared for the transition – then here we go.

If you haven’t visited the CMS website, it would be a good idea to go there soon to see what they have to offer.  Let’s take a look at two different tools that they have.

Webcast Series

So far there are 4 different webcasts that have been published with topics like “Training and Preparation on the “Road to 10”, and Clinical Documentation and Coding on the “Road to 10”.  There is another one scheduled for next week on August 26th called Transitioning onto the ICD-10 On-Ramp.  One more webcast beyond that is also in planning called Testing on the “Road to 10”.

In your preparations for the transition to ICD-10, these tools could prove to be valuable for you so we recommend that you give them a look.

Build Your Action Plan

example of an ICD-10 action plan to get your practice ready for transition to icd-10

On this road to 10 site, there is also a section that will help you build an action plan for your practice.  After you enter in your own information about the size of your practice and what sort of technology you are using, you tell the tool what stage of ICD-10 readiness you are in.  So if you are just in the planning stages, after you enter that in, a downloadable action plan will be generated for your use.

Here is a screen shot of what the plan overview looks like.

In that overview there are 5 different sections you need to focus on to getting ready for the transition.  Section 1: Plan Your Journey.   Section 2: Train Your Team.  Section 3: Update Your Processes.  Section 4: Engage Your Vendors & Payers.  Section 5: Test Your Systems and Processes.  In the action plan from the CMS website, each one of these sections has detailed information for you to review, tools provided and action steps defined for you to take to get ready.

If you are looking for resources to help you get ready then by all means, utilize these tools in your practice so that you will be ready when the time comes.  If you haven’t even thought about what it is going to take to get ready, then it is time to start thinking about it and this is where you can start.

Best Laid Plans

Sometimes the best laid plans quickly end up in shambles and that can be frustrating.  If you find yourself trying to get prepared for the ICD-10 transition and you keep getting stuck…we can help!

AZCOMP has some of the best trainers, educators and implementer’s in the country when it comes to helping small practices achieve success with transition and change and getting plans executed.  If you are feeling stuck and like you are not making any progress then give us a call at 888.799.4777.  We can help you get un-stuck and headed in the right direction.

What are you doing that is working?  What have you tried that others might want to avoid because it didn’t help you?  Share your successes and failures in the comments below so that we can all learn together. 

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