ICD-10 Webinar Recordings


The ICD-10 Webinar Series Replay Videos Are Now Available!

Through February and March we ran a series of webinars designed to help prepare small and independent practices get ready for the transition to ICD-10.  It was a four part webinar series and now you can access all of the videos.

Webinar #1 lays the foundation for the next three videos.  We briefly explain what ICD-10 is all about and then we provide information on how to get started with planning, etc.

Webinar #2 presents several problems that ICD-10 creates for billing and submitting claims and testing, etc.  Then we show you in the program (either Medisoft or Lytec) how to use the ICD-10 tools that are solutions to the ICD-10 problems.

Webinar #3 provides information you need to know in order to test submitting electronic claims to your clearinghouse, and helps you understand what you need to do vs. what you don’t need to do.

Webinar #4 presents a handful of other challenges you will be facing with ICD-10 that aren’t necessarily directly related to billing or submitting claims.  We show you what tools are available to overcome these challenges, which will help you avoid an ICD-10 transition nightmare!

How to get the webinar replay videos?

Visit our webinar registration page here.  While on this page, you’ll tell us if you are using Medisoft or Lytec so that we can send you the correct videos.

Access to the video’s is FREE!  Click here to get the video’s.

It’s time to get ICD-10 Ready

If you’ve read anything in the news lately about ICD-10, you already know that the recent SGR Bill was passed and did not include any further delays to ICD-10.  The transition date is set for October 1, 2015.  That is five months away! If you are not ready to start submitting your claims with ICD-10 codes come the first of October, your practice is liable to face some pretty significant challenges.

We have the tools that you need!  If you have not upgraded to Medisoft V20 or Lytec 2015, now is the time!  Please give us a call to speak with one of our Software Specialists so that we can get you taken care of.

Codes on Disk and Encoder Pro

To help make the ICD-10 transition a little easier, you may want to consider Codes on Disk and Encoder Pro.

Codes on Disk is a tool available for both Medisoft and Lytec.  Instead of looking up your codes in a book and then manually entering them into the program, you can just import all of the codes directly into your program!

And with Encoder Pro, you will be able to easily search all 3 sets of codes (ICD-10, CPT, and HCPCS codes) to get integrated search results, code details and descriptions.  This can all be done within either Medisoft or Lytec without having to open a code book or leave your program.  This is a major time saver.

If you feel you need any other help getting ready for ICD-10, please give us a call to let us know your needs and we’ll see how we can help!