ICD-10 Makes Paper Superbills Obsolete

Why Paper Superbills Won’t Survive ICD-10 And What To Do About It.

ICD-10 Superbill Template for Family PracticeOne of the many steps practices will need to take in order to be ready for ICD-10 is updating their superbill. Codes are drastically increasing and that is definitely reflected in a paper superbill. What once was 2 pages has turned into 9 pages! At AZCOMP we just don’t see that as practical.

“Paper superbills with diagnosis codes on the back are about to become a thing of the past,” says Kim Pollock, RN,  “Using the same charge capture tool you used for ICD-9 just won’t be sustainable with ICD-10.”

Check out this Sample ICD-10 Superbill Template. You’ll quickly recognize that a giant superbill is more than impractical.

Now Is The Time To Switch From The Paper World To Electronic

Not only because of the sheer increase in paper- but because of the higher level of documentation required. Payers will need to see much more documentation and that will be extremely hard to meet with paper documentation.

2 Easy Options For Electronic Superbills

#1 – Go Mobile

For a fast way to take your superbill electronic, start using the Mobile Application available in both Medisoft and Lytec. This instantly alleviates the problem of massive paper work- but it has several other cool benefits as well.

On the Mobile App, providers enter charges on their iPad. Superbills that the doctor did in the hopsital won’t get lost. All superbills are available immediately for billing- and since the biller won’t have to rekey all the information, then the claims will go out sooner and providers will get paid faster.

Check out this quick Mobile App demo

#2 – Make The Switch To EMR

Of course if you want to go electronic the best long term solution is Electronic Medical Records. EMR is already known to get rid of the down-coding problem rampant among paper chart providers. You can stop down-coding because you can easily prove what was done, and that will be the same with the new level of detail required with ICD-10. And, with EMR costing as little as $349 a month- EMR is more affordable than ever!

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