Huge Fix for Statement Notes in Medisoft v23

We all know that Medisoft is a great billing program, but there are certain things that can be a real source of frustration for billers.

One of those is the fact that there is only 1 field for entering any sort of notes regarding transactions in a patient statement.

Sometimes the biller wants to write down some internal notes that the patient shouldn’t see. Sometimes the biller needs to write in information about a rejection or denial or partial payment from the insurance company. Sometimes there are other notes that need to be made, but where are they supposed to go? We know this causes a lot of challenges for Medisoft users.

In the newest version of Medisoft, this all gets fixed (plus, some bells and whistles, too).

In Medisoft Version 23, there are now 3 separate fields for notes:

  1. Notes that can get applied to the statement sent to patients
  2. Internal Notes
  3. Custom Notes that you feel would fit your practice

This alone should solve a lot of problems, save a lot of time, and make life easier for a lot of billers. But, it gets even better!

Now, Medisoft will auto-apply notes from the insurance carrier. It is just a one-time setup for all the reason codes in your office and then every time you get information back from the insurance carrier, Medisoft will automatically put that into the correct field and it will show up on your statements you sent to the patient.

For example, if a patient is treated and you submit a claim to the insurance carrier, and that claim is rejected because it is not covered, the insurance carrier will provide a code for that rejection with an explanation. That code will trigger Medisoft to apply a pre-written note by you (the biller) into a statement that you end up sending to the patient. This is going to be a huge time saver for you and adds a real nice layer of convenience to help you get much more done in a lot less time. You’re going to love it.

Check out this recently recorded webinar where our trainer shows some details inside Medisoft to help you understand this better:

Communication is key and being able to have the confidence that the statement you are sending to patients is an accurate one, is going to greatly reduce the amount of calls you receive to have to explain what is on the statement, and you’re going to have happy billers, happy customers, and that eventually means more income for your practice.

Upgrade to Medisoft v23!

If you think this new feature could help your practice, there are many more just as helpful features in the new Medisoft v23 (you can learn all about it on this webpage), and you should upgrade today! Be sure to give us a call to learn more and get a custom quote for your v23 upgrade.

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