Medisoft Training – How to Run Patient Eligibility From Inside Medisoft

Learn The Easy & Fast Way to Run Patient Eligibility From Inside Medisoft

Many practices that we work with do not know there is a better way to check insurance eligibility for a patient. Many practices are still calling the insurance company, or logging into a website and taking a lot of different steps to find out if the insurance policy is active, to find out what the copay is and other important information.

There is a better way. You check patient eligibility from within Medisoft. It is faster, requires fewer steps, you don’t ever need to leave Medisoft, you don’t need to make any phone calls or log in to any websites. These are the Advanced Eligibility features in Medisoft.

Watch this short video that gives a lot of detail on how to work the Advanced Medisoft Eligibility features. What is shown in the video is the manual way (but still “Advanced” way) to check eligibility. A Medisoft user can also use the Medisoft Task Scheduler to run batch eligibility on a schedule.

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Watch the Medisoft Training Video

The Fully Integrated & Preferred Medisoft Clearinghouse

If you’re using Medisoft and you send electronic claims, then you’ll want to be using the fully integrated & preferred Medisoft clearinghouse. When you use the Medisoft clearinghouse, you’ll be able to use these advanced eligibility features from the video, and you’ll get so many more benefits. When you use the Medisoft clearinghouse, you’ll become much more efficient and faster at processing claims and entering in all the data. To learn more about the AZCOMP & Medisoft clearinghouse, visit our website here:

AZCOMP Technologies is the Industry Leader for All Things Medisoft

If you are having any problem with Medisoft whatsoever, we can solve it for you. Also, if you’d like to get more out of Medisoft…meaning, if you’d like to take Medisoft to the next level and have it become a powerful tool for your practice, we can help you get there!

We can help with speeding up your electronic claims process and help you save time. We can help you streamline your patient statements process, and make it so your patients can pay you online while you sleep. We can set Medisoft up for you to automatically remind your patients of their appointments and confirm their attendance. We can help with more as well.

Please give us a call at (480) 730-3055 to talk to a Medisoft specialist and we’ll help you get the most out of Medisoft!

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