How to Fix Medisoft Error 6420

Why did this ‘Data Files Not Found’ or ‘Data Path Error’ message pop up on my screen?

One of the most common calls we receive in our support department is that a customer is receiving a message on their Medisoft program stating ‘Data Files Not Found’ or ‘Data Path Error.’ You might even look into more on your own, and notice the details show a ‘6420 Error.’ If you have general working knowledge of a computer, this video will be super simple for you to be able to fix this error on your own. Following all of these steps will help you, but know where your server is at prior to watching, to help you be up and running in no time.

In layman’s terms, a 6420 error is notifying you that the workstation cannot connect to the data on the server.

If there is a connection issue of any kind, between workstation and the server, this error will occur. There could be many more ways this error comes up, but this video highlights two of the most common reasons:

  1. The Advantage Program is not turned on
  2. The IP Address on the server has been updated

In the Video we discuss an ADS link you will need to download for one of the easy fixes. You can find that link by clicking the ADS Web Page Link here. You will need to download the link to your desktop.

Check out the video now!

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